How to wear a scarf


Hey ladies! How have you been?? I haven’t done much lately but I’m planning on stop being a couch potato and become more active!
These days I have “exploited” the winter sales and did a lot of shopping! I will be posting soon pics from my excursions to the stores but for now I need to talk to you about one of my fav accessories : scarves.
I have mentioned before how essential scarves are for me and how often I use them to give a certain spice to my looks.
This year scarves and pashminas are again in fashion!
Scarves are not just to protect you from the cold. It is a fashion statement, a key piece in your wardrobe and an amazing accessory.
Scarves can be a very expensive purchase when being done from major fashion brands but it can also be a very inexpensive one! Woolen scarves are very easy to find in variety of colors and shapes but I’m definitely in favor of investing in one more pricy and luxurious scarf,probably silk,Kashmir or a pashmina. In this case chose the color wisely, and prefer one that can match many different looks! For more everyday looks you can buy scarves from more “commercial ” brands such as Zara or H&M.

The trickiest thing with scarves is how to wear them and not how to incorporate then in your look. There are several styles but I have found this great video on YouTube and I actually use several of these tricks when wearing a scarf!

Golden Globes 2015 – best red carpet looks

You know how terrible is when you live in a totally different time zone than Golden Globes?? You have to stay up sooooo late in order to watch the red carpet! But if you’ve seen it you know it was worth it!!
For those who haven’t seen any pics from last night (where were you?????) here’s some of the most amazing looks and my fav gowns!!

I have to congratulate Helen Miller,not only for her impeccable style but also for the pen she was wearing and the sign #jesuischarlie holding in the red carpet!

image image
Emma Stone’s look has to be my favorite! Forgetting all about the gown “rule” she wore a playsuit that showed her stunning figure and her red hair!


Now here’s a wife that can make the paparazzi go crazy!! Jenna Dewan Tatum’s Yellow/lemon is a very difficult color to wear,but this gorgeous gown fits like a glove to her figure and her complexion creates an amazing contradiction!



You have to admit it: Greeks do it better! Maria Menounos wore this mindblowing deep blue gown! No words Maria,hands down!!


Ralph Lauren is mostly known for the luxurious casual looks,but for Taylor Schilling created a beautiful red gown! The neck line is amazing and although simple the look is definitely eye-catching!


Katie Holmes made a great comeback to the Golden Globes with this simple yet gorgeous Marchesa dress,in an unusual color that was obviously the right choice for her!!


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How to clean your makeup brushes


Hey girls!! I’ve been meaning to blog about a problem that most girls face with their makeup routine and love to share my tips with you!
Now,especially the girls that wear makeup daily must know how important it is to take good care of their makeup brushes. There are several technics and tricks but the main idea is to clean the brushes without leaving any makeup or soap in them and without damaging the hair.
The simplest trick (for lazy girls only!!) is to put your brushes in a pillowcase and put it in the washing machine in the quickest program for sensitive clothes. Now this trick is not ideal,especially if your brushes have wooden bases. It’s a trick you can use only once or twice in your brushes’ lifetime so don’t attempt it if you have spent a lot of money on them.

The most common way of cleaning your brushes is to soak them in a small bowl with warm water and a touch of neutral PH soap or shampoo. You just put the heads of your brushes in the bowl with this mixture and gently soak them for few minutes. Then you clean the bowl,add fresh water in it and soak again your brushes! It is important not to clean your brushes in running water,cause this might damage the hair!!

Simple right? But it is a very important thing to do! If you keep using brushes that are covered in makeup or left in your beauty cause for long then you put your skin in great danger! Rushes,pimples or even microbes can damage your skin! So never forget to take good care of your brushes!!

Any tricks to share guys??


Trends that won’t be missed

Now I know you’re all very excited for this new year and all the fashion trends that is bringing. But there are several trends that won’t be missed!

Bling brow
We saw it in many catwalks last year but it’s not one of the trends that worth coping for 2015!


Bleached eyebrows
It was the year of terrible eyebrow choices and of course this has to be one of the worse! It’s awesome when a model does it for a fashion show but looking browless everyday is not the most fashionable look a girl could chose!


That’s it,I’m drawing the line to Kim Kardashian! The rest of us need to leave this trend behind!! The exaggeration of contouring last year gave the exact opposite results to many celebrities and everyday women and many attempts I saw on Instagram shocked me! So leave this trend for the pros girls and just add the appropriate “light” in your looks!


Let me know which 2014 fashion trends you won’t be missing!

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New Year’s resolutions : ready yet?

So 2014 is about to end and I have been check my “new year’s resolutions ” from last Christmas to see what I have done this year. I must say it looks good!! From my personal goals I have succeeded most of them and at least tried my best with the rest. I have lost weight, I worked out more than before, I quit many bad habits and even saved some money too!
I am mostly proud for running my blog for a year straight, especially for not quitting at first when things didn’t go that great!

In the past I found it very difficult to stick to a plan so I’m extremely happy about finally putting my life in order, even with baby steps at a time.
For 2015 I mainly wish to keep myself in the right track and evolve as much as possible! There is only one thing I wish more than anything for 2015… Hopefully I will be able to share it with you within the next few months! Besides that, I’m planning on eating healthier, workout more regularly and change my personal style a bit!
What about you? Have you written your “New Year’s resolutions ” list yet?? Hurry up!