How to match prints

This has to be one of the toughest fashion tasks. I’m talking big time tough here! Mixing and matching different prints and textures requires several skills but most importantly instinct and good taste!

This is really tricky girls,as even professionals have messed this up!
So here’s a one-o-one lesson on matching prints!
The most basic rule is to keep the same color pallet when matching different prints. It doesn’t have to be the exact same color obviously,but keep it similar in order to create the illusion of cohesion.


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How not to debt for fashion

Let’s face it,we have all spent more that we should on clothes at some point. Maybe a designer’s bag that was half the rent, maybe a pair of shoes.. The point is we’ve all done it at least once!
I feel you girls! I frequently find myself craving for things I can’t afford. But I’ve come up with a plan to avoid these expenses-although my heart is breaking!

The easiest way to avoid any slip-backs is not carry too much cash or credit cards when you go shopping. I know it’s easier said than done,but when you have a specific budget and no way of overcome it then you’ll be more careful on how you spend and what you buy.


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CREAID: A silent auction with style

It was a night to remember! On April 1 CREAID held its first event,a silent auction for the gorgeous 200 bags their friends were kind enough to design.
All bags were on display for the participants and the guests to see. Those wishing to participate in the auction were able to bid on the bag of their liking and the highest bidder won the bag! Given the fact that sooo many talented people designed these bags and the fact that it was for such a good cause it makes perfect sense why by the end of the night we all went home with one of them! the real reason I strongly support this cause is because I believe that fashion can make a difference and even change the world..


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Thank you Giveaway

It’s been one hell of a ride! For the past year (and so) I have been keeping this online diary/wishlist/fashion journal and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. When I first began I never thought all these could be possible. So many new friends,amazing shows and lifetime experiences.

So this week I have a little something as a thank you for one lucky girl!!

This is a sephora “Orange Blossom” set (body butter, hand cream, luffah sponge and of course the cute bathtub case!) plus a summery  Fragonard beauty case that came straight from Paris,just for you guys!

How to enter: 

It is really simple and it takes only a minute! 

And you’re done!! One lucky winner will be announced on April 13!! 

Good luck girls!!! Thanks everybody for the love and support!! 

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Athens Xclusive Designers Week 15/16: Shows I loved


So exited! Once again I had the most amazing time at AXDW,saw some amazing shows and met awesome people: bloggers,designers,audience!
This time around was more challenging for me because I really wanted to bring you guys great material. So now I have a problem: How can I include 625 pics in this post??
I’ve narrowed it down to my most(most,most) favorite shows and of course I know that I’m unfair for not sharing everything with ya,but I hope you understand!

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Spring Love

Oh how I love spring! The colors,the smells,the sunshine.. For some reason this year spring hasn’t arrived on time. The weather is still more chilly than usually but that only makes me craving for spring more day by day! So obviously I’m using my Polyvore account to create all the looks I wish to wear this spring! Florals,pastels and long dresses are by definition my favorites for spring!
I absolutely adore jeans in pastel colors like beige,off pink,surf green and pale yellow! I think you can easily create an effortless look without much fuzz. Amazing for a day in the office or a weekend trip!
Floral shirts are also a must for spring and especially this year it’s the most obvious solution to all your wardrobe problems.


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