Blogging can change your life..


We all hide an artist inside. One way or another we express ourselves and our creativity daily. It can be your personal style,the way you do your makeup, the pics you can with your phone..
Blogging is also a form of expression. It might be too commercial right now (yeah, we are in fashion lately..) but those who truly express themselves through blogging will keep doing this even when this stops being a trend.

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Care to lose 5cm before summer?

Are you panicking cause summer is around the corner? Just realize your playsuits don’t fit you any more? Well stop worrying cause I got you covered!!
You have about a month before you start wearing those light,tight and skin-exposing clothes and about 2 months before you hit the beach. We have plenty of time (obviously myself included) to be ready by then! Here are my tips for losing about 5cm by the time you take swimsuit selfies!


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Facial is essential!


How is everyone doing today? I had a facial this morning and I couldn’t be happier. As you all know I struggle with oily skin and although it’s better than before I still have to be very careful about it.
The importance of having a facial by a professional once a year is a given.

Dark spots and smegma need to be removed while your dermatologist can also check for any worrying signs on your skin. Continue reading

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The Oscars: Red Carpet winners

How is everyone doing tonight?

i know what you have been waiting for: The best looks from last night’s Red Carpet! Many gorgeous ladies did their best to dazzle us but these are the looks that stole my heart this year!

So here we go!

Emma Stone 

You know i adore her so obviously she would be high on my list

emma stone

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Twisted mirror : Why can’t we see ourselves like others do

So  I was with my boyfriend for coffee the other day and I girl walked in. I saw her and just said ” why can’t I just look like her?”.
That has to be a question you’ve all asked yourselves at least once,right?
So why does that happen? Why we see some random person on the street and get so envious that our confidence goes down the sink?
After my jealousy outbreak my boyfriend pointed that this girl wasn’t as pretty as I thought. And right at this moment it hit me: It was an ordinary girl! I thought she was skinny but in reality she wasn’t slimmer than me. Ok,she was taller but  the high heels she was wearing were the ones making her looking like a model!
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New York fashion week : the shows i loved!

So if there’s one particular time I especially hate not being in New York is obviously fashion week!! And this time.. boy, I do feel jealous!!  So here are my top 5 shows from NYFW fall/winter 2015-16 !!


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Blogger’s tips: the lightbox


So every now and then I like to share some blogging tips cause I know many of my readers are bloggers too! Today I’m go as share a trick I’ve learned recently about the images posted in blogs.
What I was usually doing was just placing the items I wanted to feature in a post on a solid one colored surface and just take a pic. But that obviously isn’t very professional!!

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