13 pieces every stylish girl needs this season in her closet

It’s the time of the year when you start making plans. It is basically the beginning of the year,whether at school or at work so this is a perfect time for new resolutions!! I myself decided after loosing some extra weight and having a new job,starting next week, to renew my wardrobe! So I’ve been checking magazines and blogs and here are the 13 things you need to have in your wardrobe this autumn!
1) black skinny jeans
It’s a must every year. It is comfortable,easy to wear and match with all kinds of clothes. Wear it with heels for a night out or with moccasins and boots for a day look.

2)a fedora hat
This was a huge hit this summer so of course the trend continues! Try it in darker colors such as burgundy,grey and khaki and you won’t regret it!
3) a shirt-dress 
It looks a but as if you’re wearing your boyfriend’s shirt but it is kinda sexy,right? If it gets any colder you can wear a darker denim shirt-dress and wear tights too.
4) little black dress
Obviously it has to be in your wardrobe. Not just this year but every year! It saves you from countless different situations and its importance is pretty much self-explanatory!
5) oversized glasses
All celebrities wear them so there’s your first clue for needed them! Seriously now, oversized glasses is your easiest choice to create a mystery around ya and hide any imperfections when you’re not wearing make up!
6) a pair o ballerinas
If I had to chose only one it would be a par in animal print pattern. It is a bit more edgy but I love the contrast it makes with basic colors!
7) a white shirt
Another essential no matter the trends of the year. Perfect for a day at the office,a meaning or even a night out if you accessorize correctly!
8)statement jewelry
They don’t have to be expensive, you don’t have to buy a ton. You just need few key pieces that would match the colors you wear regularly and would go well with different styles you usually create. You can wear the simplest shirt and make it to a great look with just one gorgeous necklace!
necklace2 necklace1
9) cropped pants 
Since the weather is still not cold this is your best choice! It’s getting chilly to wear shorts but you still want pants that would flatter your figure. Be bold and try different colors than usual!
10) black accessories 
Black is always in fashion. Don’t just try it on bags. Be a bit more bold this season and try black jewelry,scarves and all kinds of accessories! It is a bit goth style but it is just fab!
black3 black1 black2
11)one button  black blazer
Again a versatile item for your wardrobe! It is always perfect for work but with a pair of torn jeans and heels you have a classy night out look!
12) bright colored coats 
It is your time to be bold this season,I told ya before! So stop buying dark coats and chose a bright happy color! My plan for this season is a yellow coat but if it doesn’t match your complexion or if you’re not ready yet for such a dramatic change then get a red or green coat instead.
zarzcoat zaracoat2
13) bikers jacket
Again if you dare try it in burgundy! But if not,go with black and you won’t miss! Some think its a bit youngish but I believe it can look great at all ages,as long as you feel comfortable with it!!
So that’s my list for this autumn! I’m going shopping at the end of September ( I want to be sure all stores would have their full autumn collection before I chose my clothes) so I will have a post by the end of the month with my autumn shopping haul!!
(since i don’t like paying much for shopping but i do value quality all images from my list were taken from the official websites of Zara, Stradivarius, Mango and H&M)