Yoga benefits

I think we have establish the fact that I’m lazy and I don’t like to exercise! I workout only because I have to and I do my best to make it more fun ( check out my playlist for more info on that).
But there is one type of exercise that I’m particularly fond of! And that’s yoga!
I tried it 2 years ago for the first time and I fell in love with it! For me it’s one of the best kinds of exercise, as it benefits not only your body but also your mind and soul.
Yoga has many different styles so there is one for you too! One that fits your needs and expectations.
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BAFTAs night!!

Another glamorous night in the otherwise rainy London. In the middle of LFW first class celebrities paraded on the red carpet for BAFTAs last night.
Amazing couture dresses from most of the ladies and elegant suits for some of the most handsome men on earth!

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Happy Valentine’s day!!

This is the day where your boyfriend brings you flowers, and you put on your sexiest lingerie and want to look hot. He is nice to you, takes you out to dinner.. You don’t complain about everything and he is complimenting the way you look.
But why does it has to be like this for just one day?
I’m lucky enough to have this every day. So, Valentine’s day was not all about making the day special. It was just a usual day.. Full with love!!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! May you find the one and always keep him beside you!!

(Image taken from

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My new workout playlist!

That’s it! I’m hitting the gym this week!! It’s about time I start working out again cause summer is not that far and as we all know last minute diets never pay off!

When working out my no1 motivation is music. There are certain songs that make me super energetic and then I can workout better-and without complaining -which is important cause I’m a whiner!

My playlist of course includes up-beat songs, not only new but also some oldies but goodies! As you can see I’m trying to motivate myself and push my limits! I think especially Britney’s song is great for vigorous exercise!!

Britney Spears -Work bitch
David Garrix -Animals
David Guetta -Shut me down
Macklemore -Can’t hold us
Eminem feat Rihanna -The monster
Shakira feat Rihanna -Can’t remember to forget you
Selena Gomez -Come and get it
Jay Z -Niggas in Paris
Esther Dean -drop it low
Lady Gaga -Applause
Kanye West -Power

So, any suggestions for more workout songs?

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