• Beauty
  • Korres spring/summer nail polishes

    My favourite cosmetics brand jut released a new series of spring-summer nail polishes! I absolutely adored these new colors which are now metallic and not mat! I love how fast they apply and how glamours these colors are! I have already tried four out of twelve new metallic shades and I deeply loved denim blue( […]

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  • 15th AXDW final countdown

    Greek fashion has nothing to be jealous of Milan or New York fashion weeks! So for the next for days in going to attend Athens Xclusive Designers Week and present to you with news and looks from amazing Greek designers, such as Loukia and Makis Tselios, as well as amazing up and coming new designers! […]

  • Lifestyle
  • Tattoo lovers

    A simple tweet was the idea for today’s post. I realized I haven’t talked to you about one of my fav things: tattoos. Although quite painful in some body parts tattoo is a form of art and a personal statement. All this, if it is made appropriately. So first things first, you need to find […]

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  • Korres after sun cooling body yogurt

      I challenge you: Find another girl anywhere in this world that loves Korres products more that I do! Seriously, I dare ya! It all started back in 2009, when after 9,5 months in China (average temperature 10 degrees) I spent my summer in Greece. Day one: me with my friends at the beach. Day […]

  • Beauty
  • Hair therapy

    We’ve all experienced a bad hair day(I have more than my share I’m afraid..) but there’s no reason to stress about it. There are simple ways to treat your hair better, make it healthier and stronger and of course eventually create a hairstyle that would make you proud- and the other girls jealous!

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  • Fight stress naturally

    Being a girl is tough enough. Having to deal with everything in difficult times is very stressful. So how can we deal with stress? For years I’ve been having issues with that. Lack of sleep, anxiety attacks, dry skin and rashes (yes, many skin conditions are stress related!). I never wanted to take medication over […]

  • Fashion
  • The shirt story

    Spring spring spring! Oh I can’t tell you how happy I am now that winter is finally over! Although my allergies are killing me right now all I can think of is shopping! I told you so many times that you don’t need to spend a fortune to be stylish. Smart buys are the key […]

  • Fashion icon
  • Jessica Chastain

    I’m sure we have establish by now my preference for fashion icons that are not plastic and fake. I admire women that are powerful yet elegant, beautiful but intelligent, fashionable yet not “artificial”. One of these examples is Jessica Chastain. Besides being an excellent and talented actress Jessica has a fashion style that I love: […]

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  • Spring time!

    Yes,yes yes! Spring is finally here! Soo happy that winter is over! 23degrees today and getting warmer. ¬†I have a very positive attitude today and many ideas for spring looks. What I can deffinately recommend to all my girls out there is start adding colors and patterns to your wardrobe! Yes I know, it’s not […]