L’Oreal skin perfection BB cream

Remember me telling you about my great experience with the skin perfection day cream by L’Oreal?



We’ll I have to say that as much excited and happy with the results as I was with the day cream the exact opposite feeling I have for the BB. I am deeply disappointed with the BB, partly because I was so pleased with the day cream and the serum that I had quite high hopes for this product too. I bought it about a month ago, right after my first week using the day cream. I thought that using the entire series as recommended would give me maximum results. Poor me! It was impossible to apply it as it left marks and lines all over the face, not only it couldn’t cover a thing (yes,it’s a BB cream but still even the cheapest ones cover a 10% of redness or pores!) and most disappointing of all it couldn’t last at all!

I still don’t lose faith on L’Oreal products, but I would recommend some serious changes on this particular product.

Have aver you tried it? Did you experience what I did or not? Let me know what you think!!

One thought on “L’Oreal skin perfection BB cream

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