My blogging inspiration

It is not easy to be a blogger. You constantly expose yourself to people unknown to you. So why doing it? Well, some people do it for money. Most of us just feel an inner need to communicate, share and present our views to others. Being a blogger doesn’t mean making money. Few lucky of us manage to earn enough money but only after so much hard work and effort. Still, although earning money may be a great plus, that’s not why we do it!
I’ve told you before having a blog was a dream I had for quite for this week’s fashion icon I would like to present to you not one but 5 of my fashion icon bloggers- my inspiration in other words!

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Stylists (not) needed

Yes, I get it why a Hollywood celebrity, a global pop singer or even I high profile politician might need a personal stylish.
But for the rest of us common people that might not be so necessary!

I have always found myself looking at magazines and complaining “why she looks so gorgeous and I can’t” or “if I had her assistants I would look as amazing as she does”, and I wasn’t really doing anything about it.
Obviously I never hired a stylist: I just became my personal one!

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