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It’s always nice to make new friends

This is one of those days where I don’t want to present to you nothing else but myself. And this is because I’ve felt so much of your love and support this week that I feel the need to express … Continue reading

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My first giveaway!!!

This is very exciting for me!! This is my blog’s first giveaway and I would like to have not just one, but three winners! I have 3 of my favourite products to share with you!! This is just a smal … Continue reading

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Drink up!!

Do you feel your skin getting dryer? Your eyes burning a bit? Maybe you experience headaches lately? There is a great explanation for all these symptoms and many more: lack of hydration. During Spring and especially during Summer your body … Continue reading

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Oriflame nail polish crash test

I like Oriflame a lot I have to admit, mainly because I love brands that are not so commercial and use many natural ingredients for their products. I have tested over the years few products from their makeup line and … Continue reading

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Dreamy and affordable destinations

Summer is here! Yeah,yeah don’t laugh! You know you’re already late for booking your summer vacation,right? So as I’ve been searching for my new adventure I found few websites that suggest exotic, glamorous,dreamy yet affordable destinations. It can’t happen? Guess … Continue reading

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BB cream – crash test!

You all know what a BB cream is. It’s been a trend for the past 3 years in several variations in texture,color and of course price. A BB cream is mainly a day cream with suntan lotion (usually SPF 15 … Continue reading

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