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  • My first giveaway!!!

    This is very exciting for me!! This is my blog’s first giveaway and I would like to have not just one, but three winners! I have 3 of my favourite products to share with you!! This is just a smal thank you to all my followers and readers, and a good opportunity for some of […]

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  • Drink up!!

    Do you feel your skin getting dryer? Your eyes burning a bit? Maybe you experience headaches lately? There is a great explanation for all these symptoms and many more: lack of hydration. During Spring and especially during Summer your body needs more water because of the increased temperature and the sun rays. Water is essential […]

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  • Oriflame nail polish crash test

    I like Oriflame a lot I have to admit, mainly because I love brands that are not so commercial and use many natural ingredients for their products. I have tested over the years few products from their makeup line and I have to say I was pretty pleased with the result. I tried three weeks […]

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  • Dreamy and affordable destinations

    Summer is here! Yeah,yeah don’t laugh! You know you’re already late for booking your summer vacation,right? So as I’ve been searching for my new adventure I found few websites that suggest exotic, glamorous,dreamy yet affordable destinations. It can’t happen? Guess again!! 2014 might be your great opportunity for traveling to places you’ve never dreamt of! […]

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  • BB cream – crash test!

    You all know what a BB cream is. It’s been a trend for the past 3 years in several variations in texture,color and of course price. A BB cream is mainly a day cream with suntan lotion (usually SPF 15 up to 30). So the idea is that your cream can have a certain makeup […]

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  • Zoe Saldana

    Although not crazy about her formal appearances Zoe has to be one of my fav girls when it comes to street casual style! Cute dresses and slim jeans are her favourite pieces. Her long,slim figure is perfect for high waist jeans- which obviously don’t suit every girl’s figure.

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  • Liebster blog award x2 !!

      I am so happy to be nominated for Liebster award,not just once but twice! I am honored girls for this nomination by Amila (amilasblog.wordpress.com) and Rachel (on-till-morning.blogspot.gr). When I first started my blog I never expected to be read by anyone else but me. But after only 3 months I find myself meeting new […]

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  • Mad Walk by Coca Cola light

    As happy and excited as I was in my last post being in Designers Week the same volume of feelings I’m experiencing now for Mad Walk, but in the exact opposite way. There are no words to describe my disappointment, especially since I went there expecting the exact opposite of what i saw. To start […]

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  • Athens Xclusive Fashion Week review

        Fashion week is a celebration of fashion,style and talent. It is a way for all the designers to present their work. But new designers deserve a chance to present their work too. Athens exclusive designers week is a great opportunity for new designers to show their work, compete and become well known to […]