It’s always nice to make new friends

This is one of those days where I don’t want to present to you nothing else but myself. And this is because I’ve felt so much of your love and support this week that I feel the need to express my gratitude towards all you wonderful people filling me with so much joy! I might sound mellow,but it’s true!!

This week I did my first giveaway( 3lucky girls will receive their prizes pretty soon! At least I hope so,cause the Greek post office is not my country’s best feature!!!) and that gave my blog the opportunity to become a bit more known. Most of all though I have talked to so many amazing people,bloggers and non-bloggers,that otherwise I wouldn’t have the chance to do so!

Your comments,your likes,your tweets mean the world to me!! You make me believe in myself a little bit more each day! Blogging is a dream coming true after such a long time waiting!

Thank you guys so much! I hope I can keep you company,inspire you and make your day for long long time!!

Love ya!


My first giveaway!!!




This is very exciting for me!! This is my blog’s first giveaway and I would like to have not just one, but three winners! I have 3 of my favourite products to share with you!!

This is just a smal thank you to all my followers and readers, and a good opportunity for some of you to know me and find out about my blog!!



1. Korres showergel “Santorine Vine”

close your eyes and imagine you are in a winery in Santorini, tasting local wine and watching the deep blue sea! This is exactly where this gorgeous bitter-sweet showergel will take you once you try it. Another benefit- besides the aroma,the texture and the fact that leaves your skin smooth- is that it doesn’t leave any intense scent so you can use your own body lotion and add perfume.



2. Oriflame “Swedish spa – anti cellulite cream”.

Some things work! This is one of these products that can really help your skins texture and decrease cellulite! Plus I love the scent!!



3. Perlier ” Sandalo del Kashmir”  shampoo and shower gel

It’s all about the scents for this giveaway! I can’t stop smelling this product,it reminds me of  Marrakech! The exotic and therapeutic scent of sandalwood relaxes! So the last product I’m sharing with my new friends is this amazing product that can be used as a shampoo and a shower gel!



How to enter

you can enter my giveaway in two different ways:

if you are a twitter fan the all you have to do is RT the message I will post on my twitter account ( @kaysecrets_kay ) and follow me! If you are not following me yet then go ahead and do it!!

If you are a Facebook user then follow my Facebook page  ( links are on my homepage) and like  my blog’s page and my giveaway post!! If you invite your friends to follow my page you get extra participations!

To increase your chances even more you can participate in both ways ( twitter and Facebook).


On Monday 28/04/14 I will announce the 3 lucky winners ( unfortunately only European citizens)  who will win the product of their choice! So make sure you comment and let me know your preference!

Be careful: New followers who unfollow right after the end of this competition will be banned from any future giveaways, as for me these giveaways are a way of saying thank you to my actual readers and followers.


Best of luck!!

Drink up!!


Do you feel your skin getting dryer? Your eyes burning a bit? Maybe you experience headaches lately? There is a great explanation for all these symptoms and many more: lack of hydration.
During Spring and especially during Summer your body needs more water because of the increased temperature and the sun rays. Water is essential for your body’s maintenance and crucial for your health. More that 70% of your body is based on water and fluids,so you can imagine what happens if you don’t hydrate it properly.
In Winter,I drink about 6 glasses of water per day, but now I’m feeling that’s not enough so I’m adding two more grasses,sometimes even four if I feel dehydrated! Why do that? Well, water benefits you in so many ways. Here is a quick list of benefits that you should definitely take under consideration before you skip a glass of water.


1.It increases your energy

Water boosts your energy levels and keeps you more alert and focus. It helps prevent fatigue and brightens your mood daily. It is like a natural drug,without any side effects!

2.Improves skin complexion
your skin needs constant hydration. It’s no secret that most brands create water based day creams and sunblocks. They do that based on the fact that your skin needs exactly that: water!! So if you suffer from oily skin, wrinkles, discoloration, black spots or dryness then water is the answer to your prayers!

3.Decreases headaches and cramps
water is a natural remedy and it helps prevent and relief common pains like headache, backache,cramps and of course constipation. Your body functions way better when appropriately hydrated!

4.Promotes weight loss
water has no calories but it’s your first option when you want to change your metabolism,loose weight and decrease cellulite. Simply add 5 more glasses of water in your daily routine and within few weeks you’ll see your figure changing for the better!!
For all these reasons and so many more I’m a huge fan of water! Give it a try the next few weeks and let me know if you can see the amazing benefits of this nature’s precious gift!



Oriflame nail polish crash test


I like Oriflame a lot I have to admit, mainly because I love brands that are not so commercial and use many natural ingredients for their products.

I have tested over the years few products from their makeup line and I have to say I was pretty pleased with the result.
I tried three weeks ago their nail polish line for the first time and I must say I found it very nice!

Cute colors and very elegant results. It has to be one of my fav new additions to my beauty routine.
I loved the pastel colors, which are now a huge trend for Spring looks!

There is also a metallic nail polish series by Oriflame, but in my opinion it’s not their best series so far, because the colors are too bright for my taste.However, their color lasts for many days and that is something that counts,especially when you don’t have so much spare time!!

The only “serious” disadvantage to an otherwise good product is the fact that the applicator brush is not as long and flexible as in other brands,which means that you have to be extra careful when applying it. But if you have a steady hand I definitely recommend them!

(Image taken from


Dreamy and affordable destinations

Summer is here! Yeah,yeah don’t laugh! You know you’re already late for booking your summer vacation,right?
So as I’ve been searching for my new adventure I found few websites that suggest exotic, glamorous,dreamy yet affordable destinations. It can’t happen? Guess again!! 2014 might be your great opportunity for traveling to places you’ve never dreamt of! Here is my list for this year’s trips!

South Africa

I always thought this was an expensive destination, but as it turned out it can cost less that traveling to another European city. The biggest expense you would have is your flying tickets, and that can actually be significant decreased if you book it early. Hotels are quite affordable, beaches around Cape Town are beautiful and of course visiting one of the Safari Parks is an a forgettable experience!




Buenos Aires

This has to be one of my dream destinations! The music, the culture, the vibes.. The city is not just about food an music (I would still choose to go there even just for that) but it also has great stores selection from famous brands to local craft shops – and you know how many treasures can be found in these small shops! Prices are about 8% lower than last year and you can find rooms is modern and high standard hotels for less than 70$! Don’t forget to visit the museums, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to see Frida Kahlo’s amazing pieces and many more talented artists.




This might be the most expensive option, but still it’s a one in a lifetime journey you shouldn’t miss if you have the chance. “k pop” and gangnam style is the reason why we’ve learnt Seoul, but there’s so much history and culture in Asia that you will be amazed! Museums, parks, monuments and the scent of history even in the most modernized parts of the city.




Last but not least is one of my personal favorites. My trip to Tunisia was one of the best vacations I’ve ever had in my life. If you book a trip with a travel agency it is extremely affordable, you get to stay in amazing and luxurious hotels and you have a bonus trip to the dessert! Definitely one of the trips I will repeat in the future and recommend to all of ya!!



Images taken from,, and my personal collection)

BB cream – crash test!

You all know what a BB cream is. It’s been a trend for the past 3 years in several variations in texture,color and of course price.
A BB cream is mainly a day cream with suntan lotion (usually SPF 15 up to 30). So the idea is that your cream can have a certain makeup coverage,just to reduce any red spots and evens its color,brighten it and of course have all the benefits that a daily cream has!
It is not a makeup,so you need to remember that when buying one. If your skin needs more coverage then you shouldn’t be buying a BB cream cause it won’t have any results. But since summer is almost here you should definitely check some of the best BB creams for your daily vacation looks,when you need to feel and of course be more natural and free!

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Zoe Saldana



Although not crazy about her formal appearances Zoe has to be one of my fav girls when it comes to street casual style! Cute dresses and slim jeans are her favourite pieces. Her long,slim figure is perfect for high waist jeans- which obviously don’t suit every girl’s figure.

As you might have noticed I prefer women that tend to maintain their natural hair color, so Zoe couldn’t be missing from my list of fashion icons. Dark straight hair,dark skin complex and gorgeous smile create a unique combination.
Zoe can look great in the simplest outfit (a pair of jeans and a t-shirt) but I also adore her “cocktail-party” looks! I think she has an old school elegance when wearing cocktail dresses!


As I mentioned in the beginning of my post, I’m not a great fan of her Oscar’s appearances,because I think some of these gowns do not depict her own personal style-Again,that’s only my opinion. When it comes to color Zoe is fierce: she’s not afraid to try bold,bright colors and she loves patterns for her everyday outfits! Darker colors also suit her perfectly,as they are a safe solution when creating an outfit. I absolutely adore these girly moments of her style,where beauty meets chic.





(inages taken from, and