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5 wardrobe rules to follow for life

Hey darlings!! 

Today I want to share with you some of my best wardrobe rules that I live by. For my a functional wardrobe is an absolute must! I want to wake up in the morning, open my closet and have only things that I love wearing and feel great when I put on. 

That’s why it is so important to keep a wardrobe curated enough so that it works for me. Obviously you can adjust my “rules” to your own personal style but when following them you’ll always have something awesome to set every day! 

Invest in staples 

It goes without saying that basic staples are the core of every wardrobe. From the crisp white shirt to the cotton T-shirts and the blue jeans, these are pieces you can find in almost everyone’s closet. For me it is very important to have good quality basics. For the longest time I would buy cheap T-shirts that I had to replace every year. This is obviously not sustainable, and of course low quality items are more difficult to style as they crease more, they don’t clean well etc. As I grew up I decided it was much better to invest in just 2-3 good quality basics that would last for years instead of 8-9 low quality ones that I would have to replace frequently. 

Nowadays I shop for basics from COS or HM premium collection. Yes, you’d paid somewhere between 25-30$ for a T-shirt but it would last longer!! 

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Don’t fall for trends 

Well, we’ve all been down that road at some point. The problem with trends is that they don’t last long. So unless is something you’re really into (like I’m with boyfriend jeans since high school!) then don’t invest. If it’s something that indeed suits your style and you’d actually wear even if it’s not trendy anymore then yes! Another huge problem with trends is that they don’t always compliment all body types. So buying something that doesn’t suit your body is a huge no no and you will regret it in time. 

Monochrome is life 

The easiest way to look polished and put together is a monochromatic outfit! If you’re like me and you love your neutrals then going for a total white, total black or total beige outfit is the best way to go! If you want to spice things up you can add a brown belt to a total white look or a red one in a black outfit. If you’re more into colors don’t be afraid to try a monochrome look with  fuchsia  or green for summer! 

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Tailor made 

As I mentioned before what suits your body is always what’s best for you. Every body is unique and beautiful so you have to keep in mind what fits you best. Because that is not always possible make sure you find a good tailor or seamstress in your area! There’s nothing more elegant and classy than clothes fitting perfectly. For me, as I’m quite short, a tailor was part of my shopping routine since forever. I have to shorten most of my trousers and cinch the waist in most cases. But that immediately makes an item look more expensive and high end! You have no idea the difference that it makes if instead of rolling your jeans’ hem you have them tailored make to your height! 

Figure it out 

I’ve mentioned it before, every body is unique. So finding out what compliments your figure, what promotes your assets and hides your “weaknesses” is a key for the perfect wardrobe. I’m 1.65cm, thin but curvy. So for me crop tops and low rise jeans are forbidden! Instead, I opt for tapered leg jeans, flowy 

Trousers and vest tops! This way I emphasize on my upper body,with more fitted items, and then have a more airy, loose bottom to compliment my curves without pointing them! Flowy dresses are also an easy way to do that, as long as they are midis or long with side-cuts (as a completely long straight dress would make me look even shorter!). This process unfortunately is a trial and error and it works differently for everyone. But going shopping with a friend that can be brutally honest with you helps! Try different styles and experiment with looks and textures and choose only the things that make you look and feel good!  

Have fun shopping!