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6 pairs of shoes you need this season

September is  over ladies and we all get ready for fall and winter season!! September is also my birthday month so I’m lucky enough to get some nice gifts (season appropriate of course!) which I will include in this post! 

Shoes are crucial and a great way to elevate any outfit so here is some shoe inspo for you! 


This is a must have for every closet. Simple, elegant and never goes out of style! Loafers are amazing for a work outfit or ever for a simple jeans and T-shirt outfit when you want to add that little extra fab in your look.  

Sock boots 

If you are like me you don’t do well anymore with heels all day. In my twenties I swear I could run in heels but now my comfort is a great priority when buying shoes. These boots are easy to style,comfy yet chic enough to be a must have in your wardrobe. Put them with skinny jeans or flowy dresses! 

Lace up  boots 

The fact that I bought a pair of these this year is indeed a surprise for me too! Because I have small feet I always thought that I need to stick to more elegant designs and avoid big and chunky shoes. But I fell absolutely in love with this Zara boots and then found similar styles in ASOS too! I have paired them with long skirts and T-shirts and from next month I’ll replace them with voluminous knits too! 

Classic sneakers 

An absolute must have all year long! I don’t need to explain to you how life saving these shoes are. Any time I’m indecisive about a look a add a pair of sneakers and my life gets immediately easier!

backless loafers

Another classic flat pair of shoes that we love to wear.  These are actually one of the few shoe styles that I love color. Most of my shoes are either black or white but with mules I love pink and green and of course more playful designs too! 

Court shoes 

Yes,there’s some heels in this post too! The only heels to be honest but still a classic and must have not just for autumn but all year long (and for many many years). Either for a night out or for an important business meeting this pair is a classic and chic that will glam up all outfits! 

Make sure you click on the pics to shop my favorite shoes!!! Let me know in the comments your favs!!!