A Greek summer is always a Korres summer!!

Although the weather is quite warm the past few weeks,I hadn’t really realized how close my vacations are! That’s probably because I haven’t stopped working for the past 3months,even for a day! So couple of days ago it finally hit me! Summer is my favorite season for so many reasons but its also the most difficult time for my skin! The UVA rays, the dryness in the atmosphere, spending time sunbathing, the salt and sand from the beach.. It is so easy to harm your skin and dehydrate it during summer.

My solutions? Korres’ products obviously! A 50 SPF sunscreen for face and body with organic edible yogurt, its face sunscreen and of course a nourishing bergamot/ pear shower gel! I never forget to apply my yogurt after-sun cooling cream to keep my skin fully hydrated!!
To boost up my immune system I add some vitamins too to my daily routine!

So,what’s your summer nourishing skin routine?