A simple guide to achieve your beauty goals

Remember that meme about Kylie Jenner? “ you’re not ugly, you’re just poor?” Well I’ve been thinking about it and yes, up to a point that is correct but the fact that you can’t afford to look like Kylie doesn’t mean you can’t look at your best! 

It is going to take more effort and time  I can tell you, but it is definitely doable! 

The trick is to be persistent and smart about it!  

Here are some budget friendly ways you can look your best without spending 100,000$! 

Invest on your skincare 

That is not very budget-friendly I must say but there are great ways to save money on that too. As my skin is oily I have several breakouts throughout the year so I would have to have several facials to clean my face professionally and had face masks too. So I’ve bought a pore cleanser/blackhead remover tool from Amazon two years ago. This is something I do every 6 weeks (you can obviously do it twice a month if your skin can tolerate) and it has helped a lot with the breakouts. Products like this are quite affordable (around 30$) and of course it’s something you can be using for years so make sure you invest in something like that! 

Now I only have facials once or twice a year, mainly to pumper myself on special occasions and it has saved me a lot of money the past two years. 

Your every day skincare routine is also important. Make sure you invest in a good cleanser (for AM & PM), a toner and a good face cream. My skincare routine includes far more products but that’s just me! If you want to keep it simple then it’s also great as long as your products are good for your age and your skin’s needs. SPF is essential too so never forget that even during winter! 

Take care of your nails 

A nice polished manicure not only puts you in a good mood but also makes your look more put together and chic. Going to the salon every week for mani- pedi can be very expensive (you can spend around 150$ per month) plus now with quarantine there are times when stores are closed so many ladies (myself included) learnt how to to it at home!  I love the CND line for nail polishes and and top coats as it’s cruelty free and the results look professional. If you want to keep it lower on the budget too you can use the vinylux series where no UV lamp is needed!  You must have colors should include a nude (could be pink or beige), a white and a red color and of course a top coat! With only 3 colors and one top coat you can have your nails done at home for 6 months  for the cost of only two salon appointments!!! 

Yes, the first 2-3 attempts are not gonna turn great but by the end of your first month of doing this you’re gonna look amazing! Plus, the fact that we work from home most days gives you plenty of time to practice!! 

Quit the gym

Yes, I said it!!! How much money do you spend on gym subscriptions? And then, how often do you go??? If you go twice a week then great!! But most of us pay for annual gym subscription just cause it “looks cheaper” but then go twice a month or just for two months before summer and that’s it!! Instead, do YouTube workout videos! It’s completely free, so many options for home workouts, very convenient as you don’t have to leave the house at all and also kinda fun!! You need to make a plan though so you can stick to your schedule. Doing workout videos twice a week and a nice long walk on the weekends is a great way to keep shape and maybe lose a kilo or two! If you need to lose more weight then invest on a treadmill for your home. It is still going to be more affordable if you compare it to the many gym memberships you’ve paid over the years and you’ll use it more because it’s gonna be right there in the house! 

Eat healthier 

I know, this is so basic but still many of us forget about it the moment we see junk food! You can start with simple and baby steps: count how much water you drink daily and then add two more glasses! Another great way is to do some intermittent fasting and stop eating after 18:00 or 19:00 until the next morning! This will wake your metabolism and will help you lose fat. Also, some fruit and vegetables are always a good idea! 

Keep the money you save 

Remember the money you saved from all the above changes? Well, instead of spending them make sure you save them! How? Calculate the exact amount you would spend monthly on facials,manicures,creams etc. Now let’s say that is 100$ (it is way more but let’s keep the math simple here). From the 100$ make sure you put aside at least half, so 50$. The rest should go to your nutrition plan which is also important for your general well-being. So spend that money on fruit and vegetables on your supermarket list, or spend it on vitamins or if your monthly budget already covers these things save them with the rest. 

At the end of the year you will have then at least 600$ (my budget is usually a bit above 1000$ at the end of the year). And that is just by saving from very basic stuff!! If you set a bigger goal obviously you can save money by cutting some other expenses too and your budget will be way bigger then!

Now you want to invest that money on you again. How? Well, do you need invisalign treatment to straighten your teeth? Or maybe some brow microblading? Or a light hyaluronic treatment for the wrinkles? You name it! The money you saved are there to cover all the more expensive procedures you might want to do in order to achieve your ideal look. And again, this is something completely personal so you have your own goals and your own ideas on how you look your best! If you’re happy with yourself you can invest the money on your education or for traveling. You can now do that seminar you wanted or finally book the vacation you’ve been dreaming about!