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Affordable dupes to look stylish this summer

Hey ladies!! How is your summer so far?

I have been staying home mostly due to the pandemic and we only went on the beach house for a week, but I don’t complain!

Now I’ve always found myself attracted to brands like Chanel, Bottega Veneta,The Row and Gucci because I love chic and timeless pieces that you can have in your closet for decades. But lets face it: These brands are not exactly budget friendly and with an average salary it’s kinda impossible to keep up with all the latest items.

So every year I try to find some nice quality dupes If I really want an item that i can’t afford. Now, when I say dupes I don’t mean the exact copy of an item with the logo and everything. Just some good quality “inspired by” product that I can be proud to answer where I got it from!

Summer is perfect for shopping due to sales so here are some of my favorite dupes lately!

I will include the original product and the alternatives so you can compare!


Bags has to be my favorite thing in the world and of course it’s so frustrating when the price of a bag is soooo high. Thank God our favorite affordable brands have come up with some nice alternatives.

Bottega Veneta

Two bags of the brand are my absolute favorites: The Pouch and The Cassette. Both bags wayyyy out of my league to be honest so If you’re looking for some similar bags you are covered!

The Pouch original here

Affordable alternative here and here

I also found a beautiful Pouch alternative on FashionDrug where you can find many nice dupes!

The Cassette original here, here and here

Affordable Alternatives here , here , here and here

Mansur Gabriel

Another favorite brand of mine for minimal and chic staples is Mansur Gabriel. But it is quite pricey for a basic bucket bag (they are addorable though..)

Red lined mini bucket bag original here

Affordable alternative here


APC is by far my most beloved brand when it comes to minimal bags. Great variety, so many nice colors and great quality. But pricewise I think there are some more affordable ones with similar vibe.

Half Moon Original here

Affordable alternative here


Shoes are also an expesnive sport especially when you prefer brands and staple pieces. There are however very good alternatives in the fragments of the price.

Bottega Venetta

Padded sandals original  here

Affordable Alternatives here and here

Toe-looped leather slides original here

Affordable alternatives here

Point toe leather ballet flats original here

affordable alternative here

Proenza Schouler

Not my most favorite style of the bunch but definetely one of the most poplular recently is the padded leather slides. I don’t know why but it reminds me of these kids’ armbands for swimming!

Padded leather slides original here

Affordable aletrnative here

Saint Laurent

An all time classic for so long now! These slides will remain a must for many years but I still don’t have the heart to buy the originals, especially since Zara has every year the affordable version in so many colors!

Tribute Nu Pieds slides original here

Affordable alternative here

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