Style Crush

Ashley Madekwe

Despite the fact that she had appearances in many tv shows prior that, I first notice Ashley Madekwe on the tv series Revenge and although her series character was not one of my favorite I have to say that her outfits sure were!


Her amazing body of course helps a lot on that- bet that even in a potato bag she would still look incredible- her style was impeccable!

And yes, someone might say that these looks were a product of a good cast stylish. And that is definitely true for so many actresses, but Ashley has a style of her own. Her personal choices are a lot more rock and edgy but still extremely girly at the very same time!
Torn jeans with heels or biker boots, and cute girly dresses. That girl is definitely a chameleon!! I can’t imagine another woman looking so good in such a variety of styles!
I also adore the fact that shes not another blonde tv persona and she has kept her darker hair style, despite Hollywood’s style.
In her blog she shares photos of her outfits, her travels and all the things she loves.
I need also to confess that I love her jewelry collection, which is sooo her!

Girly style in bright colors! Skinny jeans and a sweater over a shirt. Sexy detail : the high heels!

A more rock attitude! Picture taken from her twitter page: you can actually see some of her unique jewelry creations


Images taken from her official twitter page and you can find her jewerly collection and her outfits on her personal blog