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Best High Street Clothing Brands

High street brands are the ultimate go-to for girls all over the world who want to shop. The term originally described the main street in a town or city where all the banks and shops situate (thanks Britain for the term!) but now these brands have stores all over the world and not only in popular and busy streets.

Of course now with the quarantine most of us can’t really visit these stores in person but internet can provide a very pleasant alternative!

Marks & Spenser 

If you’re looking for quality and classic pieces this is a great store to shop. They are very well known for their cashmere collections and I personally love their home collection and especially the candles.

& other stories 

That has to be my favorite of them all, mainly because there are no stores in Greece so I always visit them when in London. Such and amazing and minimalistic brand!


Aren’t you tired of me talking about how great Zara is? If you love high end brands but can’t afford them Zara is your store. Great pieces that look couture and very good quality. I absolutely adore their knits!


Best place to buy coats! If you are on the hunt for that one coat that will be in your closet for years then this is your store.

The white company 

Oh the beauty of this store.. I can browse their website for hours! If you have’nt checked their Christmas decoration section yet then hurry!


The place to find it all! Amazing knits,great accesories and of course Home! I have to admit that all of my pillow covers at home are from them,plus my absolute favorite trousers (if you follow me on istagram you know what I mean!).


Best known for their T-shirt and cotton quality this brand has been an all time classic for athelisure outfits and layed back style. Their cashmere jumpers are also a must.


Although online this store is my absolute go to. You can find high end brands there,most of the high street brands mentioned above and of course their own collections. If you want to shop everything from one store then this is your place!