Brown sugar scrub by skin food

We all know how good are scrubs for your face and body. Beauticians recommend the use of scrubs once a week and now that we can find a great variety of styles and uses for the scrubs we can all be happy with our products.

I’m not usually happy with scrubs. To be honest,I’m quite bored using them cause it takes so much time! But I found from all the bunch the one: the scrub that gave me the results I always wanted.


The brown sugar scrub from”skin food” found a product that clears my skin,has an amazing smell and texture and is so fun to use!

My skin is radiant and feels amazing after the use and usually that lasts for few days too!
The moment I open that beautiful scrub my mood instantly changes. I smell that amazing scent and I get supper excited! It is a mixture of brown sugar (obviously) with refreshing lemon grass.
Apply it in a damp clean face and leave it for 15 minutes. Then remove it with soft circular moves. My trick is to add some rice oil on my hands while rinsing off the scrub! The results are amazing!!