Gym- nastics

One of my top New Years Resolutions (EVERY SINGE YEAR!!) is to become more active and exercise more! It doesn’t always happen, unfortunately, but a make a dissent effort every year! :)

What i do love though about that resolution is obviously the shopping involved in it!

Here are the best picks for this year’s gym wear!


oysho shirt   oysho 2   oysho 3

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MAC studio fix line review

I’ve been wanting to try MAC’s makeup line for quite some time now. While browsing their website I found that studio fix fluid fond de teint was the makeup that would fit best my criteria.
I began using the makeup and the powder plus foundation in the middle of August. I instantly noticed how easily I could apply it and of course how well it would last for many hours! At first I got the C4,5 which is a bit dark,as my skin was still suntanned! Now I use the C3,5 and usually mixing it a bit with the old one to create a more natural color!
I have to tell you that for me this line can only be compared to the Dermablend line from Vichy! From all the makeups I’ve tried over the years these two are the only ones that provide good coverage but also benefit the skin as they don’t damage it at all!

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The Youth Lab is fab

It’s been 8 days since I began using products from the Youth Lab. I found out about this brand about a month ago by chance,as I was browsing Instagram. I was a bit skeptical over trying new products in the middle of summer cause my skin is at its worst then so I’m rarely happy,but I gave it a try anyway. When the package arrived I noticed the minimal yet eye catching boxes and the many samples that came with my order. I think it’s a great marketing opportunity and all my readers know how good I feel over samples!
I got the brush and the gel for combination- oily skin but didn’t hope for much.. And then I was pleasantly surprised! I noticed even from day one than my skin was more deeply cleaned when using the brush. Although it’s not an electric brush and obviously it requires brushing your face for a couple of minutes it’s still a pleasant experience!

The most noticeable result from only a week of use is how much longer my face remains oily free! Before the Youth Lab treatment my face would remain “clean” for about an hour after washing it in the morning. But now,and the more I use it, I find my skin maintaining that freshness for much longer! Just washing it and using the brush morning and evening is all it takes to keep my skin fresh all day long!

Another thing I absolutely adored is how easily the gel is removed with water from the skin. It doesn’t take much time or effort and no soap remains on the skin to block the pores! And that for a girl with oily skin is a life savior,I’m telling ya!!
What about you guys? Have you ever tried Youth Lab’s products? Let me know!!

New addition to my hair routine : Fructis Grow Strong

It is very important to change your shampoo few times a year. Your hair get used to specific ingredients and if you use the same products constantly for long then you might notice some oiliness. As it was time to do that “time out” from my usual shampoo I stumble upon the new Fructis “Grow Strong” line. I decided to give it a go for few days but I loved it so much that I made it my No1 choice!!

Originally I loved the smell but after the second wash I noticed the difference in my hair! It was much easier to untangle,much smoother texture and a more healthy look in general! The hair mask is incredible and it’s officially my favorite hair mask for 2015!!
So what’s your fav shampoo?

image image

5 easy steps to a perfect skin

All women worry about their skin at some point. Some are lucky enough not to face any serious issues but girls like me.. Well, we have to be extra careful with that! So here we’ve got my most useful (and simple) tricks towards a better skin!


1) makeup remover
That’s basic darlings and you know it!! Even if you’re really really tired don’t forget to remove your makeup! Ideally you won’t just be using the tissues that are so popular. It’s ok when you’re in a hurry but don’t get used to it. Try to use a nice cleansing soap or cream . Lotion after that is also essential to make sure your skin is truly clean and makeup free!
2) day and night cream
That’s my biggest problem of all! I’m usually in such a hurry that I forget about it. This is truly important though cause your skin needs hydration!! Apply cream before your makeup in the morning and after cleaning your face at night.

3) exfoliating mask
Once a week don’t forget to exfoliate. Especially if you have combination to oily skin it is important to help your skin clear the pores! I’m telling you,if you find the right exfoliating cream or mask for your skin you’ll have huge results!

4) water
It’s in every other post of mine so you’ve probably taken the hint by now!! Water is a life savior for your skin but also for the entire body! Especially while on vacations add few glasses of water to your routine. If you experience high heat then have one of these vaporizers with you and spray some water directly to your face! (Did that while in Tunisia on a camel cruise around the dessert and it worked like a charm!).
5) 8h sleep
No,this is not an excuse to lie down and take a nap. But a nice and relaxed sleep is very beneficial to your skin (not to mention your performance and your mood the next day!). Although it’s not always possible make sure you have once in a while a nice relaxing evening to yourself to pamper you and then have a good night sleep! You will feel rejuvenated in the morning and your skin will be glowing!!

Essence pure skin: anti-shine mattifying gel cream review 

I’m always neglecting my skin. It’s sad but it’s true! So every now and then I have to do something drastic to tone it up a bit. Obviously I’m not recommending you to do the same! It’s always better preventing than running to save your skin! But if you are like me you will love this product! 
This light gel has a great texture and the skin is awesome after the use! As I’ve said many times I don’t believe in “miracle makers”. So I won’t tell you that if you use it the next day you’ll have the perfect skin. But I have to admit I found it very helpful! After only a few days I found my skin less oily and without that awful feeling of “dirt”. Yes, from time to time I still have breaks but that’s mainly cause I’m not committed with my treatment. If you you are better than I am at this I’m pretty sure you’ll have even better results!

10 under 10€ 

I have been using a lot of new products and I’ve been shopping (a lot) lately so I’ve decided to include my top 10 products for this summer in one post. Since I had so many great options I decided to have a specific budget to keep it affordable. So here it is: 10 products.100 euros total! Best 10 under 10!!

1)HM playsuit 
Simple,playful and the absolute trend this summer!

2) Korres nail polish

No outfit is ready unless you have a bright nail color to match it with!

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Dress to impress : Summer music festival

On the 30th of May I went to the best concert ever(and I mean it!!). Me and my boyfriend saw The Black Keys- and with us were also 27,000 people! As I have the fashion bug it was impossible while the support groups were performing not to check out what people were wearing.
So it’s safe to say I saw first hand which outfits worked and which didn’t!
So here it is: dress to impress on a music concert!

Loose jeans/shorts and a tee

Simple and comfy it’s ideal if the concert is away the city center and it gets chilly at night. Also you have great movement flexibility.


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5 vacation essentials for a stylish trip

Oh it’s finally June everybody! May wasn’t my month (like,at all!) so I’m trying to work with whatever life brings me along the way..
Anyway, I have two more weeks of work and after that I’m planning on taking few days of and finally enjoy life! I absolutely love summer,mainly because the weather puts me in a more fashionable mood!

Dresses is my No1 choice (by faaaaarrrr!!) so this is the first thing I buy for summer and the first thing I grab from my closet!
I m totally in love with these two Zara dresses I bought last week and I feel they are the best for a morning look or a relaxed evening.
I do wear shorter dresses too if it’s very hot,but generally I prefer them for a more sexy and Vgirly evening look.

image image

(Zara long dresses 

The fedora hat is also essential. I know I’ve mentioned it a gazillion times but when you go on vacations trust me you’ll love having it!


The gladiator sandals was the absolute trend the past year! This summer the frenzy continues with a variety of designs and most brands have added at least one version of these amazing and comfy shoes!


(Forever21 sandals )

The obvious must have is the bikini! (Dah)
This season I’m all about color! Although usually much more conservative in going for bright colors this time as It would look insanely gorgeous when I’m tanned!


( Forever21 bikini set )

Now when you’re on vacation you spend a lot of time at the beach or by the pool. So your bag needs to fit all your stuff and some more! But you don’t want to bring 10 different bags for your trip, right? So one stylish big bag could do the trick: have it with you by the beach and still make it wearable for a nice summery relaxed evening look.


(Zara canvas shopper bag )