Beauty products i can’t stop using :Summer edition

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Caudalie Beauty routine

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Tommy G Intensive Finish Foundation

tommy g
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Is Nivea’s aftershave the new primer?


Now when Kylie Jenner has a certain beauty routine that says it’s working you have to try it out! I read somewhere that her makeup artist is using this men after shave balm from Nivea as a short of primer. My primer is quite good but I feel it heavy for everyday use. So I thought to give this wired trick a go.I have been using it for two weeks now and I think it’s working guys! I only use little,as I don’t want my skin to have that “man sent” . But I think my skin looks vivid and it feels really light! I was afraid I might end up with blackheads or that my oily skin will break but I have no problems so far! I definitely recommend this and I will keep using it!

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Konjac sponge review

Ok, all Asian related beauty products are always high in my shopping list! I have been using Chinese beauty masks over the years and I always find them helpful for my prone skin complexion. So obviously a MEGA beauty trend from Korea could not stay untested!!

The Konjac is a sponge that when dry is hard as rock. Its use is quite simple: you add warm water and your favorite cleanser and you massage your face. I have been using it for few weeks now,preferably in the shower to use the steam from the hot water to open my pores, and I do find it quite good! I find my skin more light,more clean and more vivid! I actually think that I tend to have less blackhead breaks around my nose! 

This is definitely one of the products I’ll keep using! Thanks Sephora for bringing it to Greece!! 


 (This is not a sponsored post. The review is based on true opinion of the blogger)

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Clean sleeve

We’ve all been through it: coming home late at night,too tired to do anything but still wearing your makeup. So what do you do? Well, best case scenario is to quickly use one of the wet tissues and go to bed. Worst case? Sleep with your makeup still on.
You don’t need me to tell you how bad this is for your skin,right?
The thing is, we all think that this is the worst thing we can do to our skin but it’s not the only one! Even when you think you are following a good skin care routine you might be mistaken!
So here are some basic errors we all do!

• never skip your day and night cream
Nutrition and hydration is very important for your skin. Even if you don’t wear makeup still you have to apply day cream before you leave the house and night cream right after you wash it!

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Gym- nastics

One of my top New Years Resolutions (EVERY SINGE YEAR!!) is to become more active and exercise more! It doesn’t always happen, unfortunately, but a make a dissent effort every year! 🙂

What i do love though about that resolution is obviously the shopping involved in it!

Here are the best picks for this year’s gym wear!


oysho shirt   oysho 2   oysho 3

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MAC studio fix line review

I’ve been wanting to try MAC’s makeup line for quite some time now. While browsing their website I found that studio fix fluid fond de teint was the makeup that would fit best my criteria.
I began using the makeup and the powder plus foundation in the middle of August. I instantly noticed how easily I could apply it and of course how well it would last for many hours! At first I got the C4,5 which is a bit dark,as my skin was still suntanned! Now I use the C3,5 and usually mixing it a bit with the old one to create a more natural color!
I have to tell you that for me this line can only be compared to the Dermablend line from Vichy! From all the makeups I’ve tried over the years these two are the only ones that provide good coverage but also benefit the skin as they don’t damage it at all!

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