Essence nudes collection

Now this is a brand worth checking! My sister introduced me to Essence products as she swears by their mascara (link old post). Until recently I hadn’t tried any other of their products but a week ago I decided to try their new “nude” line. I bought nail polishes,eye shadows,lipsticks and blushes. I couldn’t be happier!!

The nail polishes were so easy to apply and it only took few minutes to dry. I also found impressive the fact that despite my heavy schedule and the carrying I do all the time the color stayed on no matter what!
The eye shadows are to die for!! Im definitely the simple/natural makeup kinda girl so I hit the jackpot with these! I usually apply the lighter one in the entire eyecup and then I use some of the darker one near the roots of my lashes. It creates a natural effect,kind like how Leighton Miser looked like when waking up on Gossip Girl!
I absolutely love the brush too cause this particular shade is adorable for summer and it would look even better later on this summer when I’ll be more tanned! the lipsticks are amazing and the result is sooo natural!


Care to lose 5cm before summer?

Are you panicking cause summer is around the corner? Just realize your playsuits don’t fit you any more? Well stop worrying cause I got you covered!!
You have about a month before you start wearing those light,tight and skin-exposing clothes and about 2 months before you hit the beach. We have plenty of time (obviously myself included) to be ready by then! Here are my tips for losing about 5cm by the time you take swimsuit selfies!


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Facial is essential!


How is everyone doing today? I had a facial this morning and I couldn’t be happier. As you all know I struggle with oily skin and although it’s better than before I still have to be very careful about it.
The importance of having a facial by a professional once a year is a given.

Dark spots and smegma need to be removed while your dermatologist can also check for any worrying signs on your skin. Continue reading

Toni and Guy shampoo treatment

It’s always nice to share a positive review with you guys! Since my last shampoo fiasco I decided to spend some extra cash in order to get the desired results.
This time I trusted Toni & Guy and specifically the nourish line, because my hair needed immediate care against split ends and instant repair.
It’s not the first time I’ve tried one of their products but it was the first time I’ve tried their shampoos.

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Essence “I love volume” mascara review

Now you know how am all about affordable options,right? That’s why when my sister recommended ” I love volume” mascara from Essence. She claimed that this was the best mascara she has ever bought. I immediately went on board with it! I was a bit sceptic though about the results but I figured I had nothing to lose!
But Essence Surprised me in the best way!! It is, by far, the best commercial mascara and it is better than so many more expensive ones. It can easily outcome in volume the results of the most known mascaras and has the 1/3 (at least) of their prices!
I just couldn’t be happier! The brand has 3 different types of mascara so you can chose your preferable result.
Definitely recommending this one!!!

image image

Have you tried it?

The Mediterranean diet

We all have our beauty secrets. Some we learn online, some from friends and family and some we discover in time. A good beauty secret is something that has been tested and proved effective many times. You wanna know the biggest beauty secret of all times? Mediterranean diet of course! I’m not just bragging because I’m Greek. It has been proved that Mediterranean diet includes all necessary ingredients for a healthy,nutritious and well balanced diet. If used properly it can be used for loosing weight (just include more salads and less meat) help to cute illnesses and improve skin complexion.
The ingredients themselves can be used to create all kinds of homemade facial masks,body scrubs and hair masks.


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Blonde it up!

Since I’m in holiday mood I decided to share a nice trick with you I’ve learnt from a hairdresser few months back.

Now,you know I’ve been trying to change my haircolor the past few months and have a much lighter color. I am a natural brunette (a really dark brunette to be honest) so it is impossible and very harmful for the hair to do this transformation at once.

I had attempted many times to change my color, but somehow no matter whether I dyed my hair alone or in a beauty salon the results where the same: lighter brown but with either yellow highlights or coppered. Which is not what I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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