Toni and Guy shampoo treatment

It’s always nice to share a positive review with you guys! Since my last shampoo fiasco I decided to spend some extra cash in order to get the desired results.
This time I trusted Toni & Guy and specifically the nourish line, because my hair needed immediate care against split ends and instant repair.
It’s not the first time I’ve tried one of their products but it was the first time I’ve tried their shampoos.
From the beginning I understood that this was not just a shampoo. It is specifically designed for damaged hair and the idea is not just to cleanse them but also help them grow stronger.My hair looked and felt cleaner and brighter and it was so much easier to style them.
What I absolutely adore and won’t stop using is the nourish reconstruction hair mask! I found it rejuvenating and now it’s absolutely essential for my hair routine. I find it very difficult to change my hair mask any time soon and I can’t wait to try more products!


Essence “I love volume” mascara review

Now you know how am all about affordable options,right? That’s why when my sister recommended ” I love volume” mascara from Essence. She claimed that this was the best mascara she has ever bought. I immediately went on board with it! I was a bit sceptic though about the results but I figured I had nothing to lose!
But Essence Surprised me in the best way!! It is, by far, the best commercial mascara and it is better than so many more expensive ones. It can easily outcome in volume the results of the most known mascaras and has the 1/3 (at least) of their prices!
I just couldn’t be happier! The brand has 3 different types of mascara so you can chose your preferable result.
Definitely recommending this one!!!

Have you tried it?image image



The Mediterranean diet

We all have our beauty secrets. Some we learn online, some from friends and family and some we discover in time. A good beauty secret is something that has been tested and proved effective many times. You wanna know the biggest beauty secret of all times? Mediterranean diet of course! I’m not just bragging because I’m Greek. It has been proved that Mediterranean diet includes all necessary ingredients for a healthy,nutritious and well balanced diet. If used properly it can be used for loosing weight (just include more salads and less meat) help to cute illnesses and improve skin complexion.
The ingredients themselves can be used to create all kinds of homemade facial masks,body scrubs and hair masks.



Ingredients that you can include to your diet:

Olive oil = it’s good for digestion, your skin and hair. It can be beneficial just by eating it or applying it in various cosmetic ways.

Vegetables = your mother was right when telling you that your veggies are good for you! For a healthy and balanced diet add salads to your habits and veggies like broccoli and long leaf green veggie, which are ideal for changing your metabolism and burn fat faster.

Wine= Greeks often add a small glass of red wine to the table. It is good for the heart and many doctors recommend it. Be careful though, we are only talking about one small glass every now and then! Avoid making it a habit!

Fish = there’s sea everywhere in Greece. So obviously we have a great variety of seafood to our table. Eating them is excellent for sight. (omega3, iodide)

Cheese= Milk is beneficial mainly to children, as from a certain age it is impossible to receive its calcium. So cheese does the trick! Most people know feta, a cheese ideal for people with low blood pressure, but you have many more options in the Mediterranean diet.

Benefits of Mediterranean diet

*Baked not fried food
Most Of the dishes in Mediterranean cuisine are baked, roasted or boiled. Very few are fried and even in this case we use olive oil or corn oil. If you ask any dietician the first advice you’re going to get is “stay away from fried food”.

*combination of ingredients

During winter this diet includes many soups, all of which contain more than 5 ingredients. A meat soup also has rice and vegetables. A chicken soup has boiled fries and carrots etc. Another great example is the famous “moussakas”, one of the most traditional Greek dishes which has at least 3 layers of different ingredients.

*Fruit all year long

it used to be harder few decades ago abroad to find fresh fruit all year long but in Greece this has never been a problem. Each season has its fruit and that’s why we use them often as snacks in our daily diet. Try to replace the cookies you have at work with a nice pear or apple. Ideally have a fruit salad for breakfast!

Beauty tricks based on Mediterranean diet:

If your hair luck brightness and vividness then do an olive oil mask before washing them. Just add olive oil to your hands and massage your hair until becoming dumb. Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash as usual ! Do this once a month!

Face mask

You need : 4 tablespoons warmed honey 1/2 cup yogurt 4 tablespoons lemon juice.

Yogurt contains high amounts of Lactic Acid, an AHA proven to be successful in refining pores, exfoliating the skin and stimulating collagen production. Honey on the other hand, retains water to help keep the skin soft and moisturized. So you can play with the doses depending on your skin type! For example If your skin is irritated you can use less honey and add few drops of aloe Vera and 1/2 peeled cucumber!

After mixing it apply to clean face and leave it for 15 minutes! Remove first with some cotton tissues and then with water!

image image

Blonde it up!

Since I’m in holiday mood I decided to share a nice trick with you I’ve learnt from a hairdresser few months back.

Now,you know I’ve been trying to change my haircolor the past few months and have a much lighter color. I am a natural brunette (a really dark brunette to be honest) so it is impossible and very harmful for the hair to do this transformation at once.

I had attempted many times to change my color, but somehow no matter whether I dyed my hair alone or in a beauty salon the results where the same: lighter brown but with either yellow highlights or coppered. Which is not what I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew I had to do something fast without damaging my hair any more with bleaching procedures.

The answer came straight from Greece’s most natural and pure product: olive oil! I’m sure you’ve used olive oil before to make your hair shinier and smoother.But Im not talking about the liquid olive oil.I’m talking about green soap with olive oil.

image image

My grandmother used to use this soap to clean the whites but as my hairdresser told me if you use it to wash your hair it gradually removes the color from the hair,naturally and without any damage.

Hot to use it:

Its very very simple! Use a piece of green soap to wash your hair for a minute or two. Wash off the soap very good and then use your usual shampoo and conditional.
August is ideal for you to try this on if you are on holidays because you need to use the green soap at least twice a week and your hair being exposed to the bright sunlight always helps to speed things up.

But don’t attempt that during a busy working period cause your hair will look kinda neglected and discolored (which is exactly the point).

Once your hair are discolored then you can dye your hair in the desirable color. If you don’t wish for highlights you won’t even need to go to the hair salon, as it will be so much easier to dye your hair yourself!

Green soap in very easy to find in Greece. But abroad it can be a bit tricky,especially of a good quality. But if you can’t find one in the beauty department of your supermarket you can check on eBay or Amazon!
If you still have any questions or you need any soap recommendations just comment this post and I’ll be happy to help!!!

5 Myths about hair you need to know about

How are you darlings today? For me today was all about hair! I dyed my hair this morning and since now they got pretty long I started thinking about all the products I’m using and how good actually do to me. So the most qualified person to answer my question was a new friend of mine, Helen, who happens to be a hairdresser and beautician. So later today I decided to interrogate her and find out if what is and what’s not true about hair!!
So it’s time to stop believing to  some Hair Myths girls!

• if I wash my hair often then they grow stronger and healthier

That is one crazy myth! Not only washing your hair doesn’t help it grow but most of all if you wash it too often then it is very much possible that you’ll end up with oily hair!


• short hair are healthier than long hair

Another myth, not because long hair are damaged but because short hair are not necessarily healthier! What matters is how much you take care of your hair and not their length. Yes,in most cases long hair can be more damaged but even if you have short hair if you don’t treat them right you have equal chances to end up with poor hair.



•if I wear my hair only in a pony tail then I don’t harm them

Big big lie! Wearing your hair in a pony tail is actually worse than many other hair styles. Especially if you tie your hair daily in the same spot then it’s quite likely that
You’ll end up with split ends.

• using hair mask is never enough

Huge mistake! Using a hair mask once a week or once every ten days can be very beneficial to your hair. But using it every time you wash your hair can do more harm than good. It can make your hair thinner and easier to be broken,so keep in mind that you need to be extra careful especially if you already have thin hair!!

• using the blowdryer to do my hair is better than the iron

It’s true that the blowdryer is slightly less harmful than the iron. But it’s only the lesser of two evils! In reality none of them is good for your hair, that’s why it is not recommended to use them in weekly basis let alone in daily!






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Bio oil review!!

Hey guys,it time for another beauty product review! this time is Bio Oil the product i’ve been testing for the past 2,5 weeks. At first I was very reluctant on buying this product,cause after a small research I found out that there were many unsatisfied users.But what I noticed to all their comments was that Bio Oil had difficulty dealing with “situations” on the face area and not on the body. In other words there were no complains about its effectiveness when used as a body oil. And this is exactly what I’ve been using it for!

I have several small scars in my back due to my oily skin (yes,like all of you I “pick” them a little!). So for my it’s important to completely get rid of them. And that’s what Bio Oil did for me! After the first 3 days of use I found my back smoother and after the first week I began to notice some changes. After just ten days my scars where minimized to almost 50% and my complexion feels more smooth and clear.
I will definitely continue using it until I finally get rid of my scars and I obviously recommend it to all of you! But keep in mind that you should control how much you use. I only use few drops cause it’s too oily and overuse is the reason for all these bad reviews. Once you use too much you turn your skin even oilier than before you began using it. So keep it simple and don’t overdo it! Besides this,I didn’t find anything bad to say about it,in fact I’m more than satisfied with it!

Nivea clear-up strips



For all my frequent readers it is clear by now how important good skin condition is for me. But when you are busy it is not always possible to have a proper facial often enough,not to mention expensive and damaging in reality for the skin. So what I do is this : every few weeks I use the Nivea clear- up strips on my nose,chin and forehead to remove any black spots and reduce oiliness. For me it is very helpful and convenient since I use it right after shower,when my skin is clean and soft so it is quite effective instantly.

The use is very simple. You put the strips on slightly wet skin,leave it for few minutes and then remove them! The more you use it the better the results! I have been using it for the past 3 years and I find it very effective,especially on vacations,where you can’t just bring with you all kinds of scrubs and foams! This has to be one of my favorite summer tricks!