Autumn Skin care routine

Hey Ladies! What’s up?

Weather is getting colder lately so I’ve been thinking for quite some time to upgrade my skincare routine (you know I’ve been eyeing so many products from Soko Glam) and I started with my makeup removing routine. I chose to get the L’Oreal latest line and really invested in a series of products, including face masks, scrubs and lotions.I have used several products from the brand before so I knew what to expect and that’s why I chose it.

Due to the late shifts I have (and the fact I turned 32 last week) I began worrying about my skin condition and how clean it is when I go to bed. Sometimes when I had the night shift I used to use only the makeup removing tissues, which obviously was not enough! Sleeping at 7 in the morning (with half my makeup still on) until 14:00 in the afternoon did not do any good to my skin so the breakouts began and redness appeared. Long story short, it was time for a change and for me to really commit to clean skin before bedtime.

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Gabrielle- the new Chanel Fragrance

let me say it from the start : Love the perfume, hate the ad!

I had been waiting for this moment for sooo long. I am a huge Chanel fan (who isn’t) and I wear Mademoiselle for more than five years and it is still my favorite perfume in the hole wide world. So of course when Chanel announced a new perfume after 15 (!!) years I was ecstatic! The perfume did not disappoint (dahh!) at all but the film of the campaign was something I wish I could forget. Don’t get me wrong, I now they put a lot of money and effort on that but I think Kristen Stewart as a Chanel ambassador is not the right choice and her ‘performance’ on the film is not complimenting  the endeavor at all. The history behind the perfume and the fact that it is supposed to depict Coco in the most original way yet is also something that concerns me as I can’t “see” it in the film.

If you haven’t seen it yet here’s the video! let me know what you think guys!

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The Ordinary : Extraordinary serums

Hey darlings!

while reading this post I’ll be on my way for my next adventure (a.k.a. road trip baby!!!) so make sure you stop by my Insta!

Anywayz, as you may have seen in my ” products I tried this month” post I have put to the test three serums from The Ordinary. Keep in mind that it is the first time trying their products and since  serums are a necessity nowadays I’m not looking for a product that it’s “just OK”.

I placed my order form Deciem, which sells several brands, and their fast shipping and nice packaging is definitely making me order form them again in the future and maybe trying few more brands too.

Now I really wanted to try their serums as I’ve seen so many good reviews online. I placed my order strategically, getting one treatment for hair and skin, one anti-aging serum and one the dark spots. 

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products I tried this month

Happy June everyone! First official month of summer and obviously this is the time to try all kinds of new products. So for ya I have brand new face masks, serums and hair care products!

First of all, my one true cosmetics love, Korres: Their new package for face masks is so adorable! The products are still amazing but the new package is making them ideal for travelling! you can carry them with you all the time, each cube has enough products for one generous application so its a win-win!

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Fine Oils

Hey Guys,what’s up?

A new and busy week is about to start and new projects are coming to life pretty soon.All and all its a pretty exciting time for me. I started working out and eating slightly more healthy (more info soon on another post) and I’ve been planning few more trips for the next couple of months.

In the spirit of new things,I’ve been searching to add to my beauty routine some serums and oils. I have used some in the past but one of my New Years resolutions was to use products with more natural ingredients. So lately I came across  Fine Oils From Face Oils and I’ve just placed my very first order!!! I also applied for their affiliate program.I’m pretty excited to try them out, as based on their website, their products are plant based and cruelty – free! I have ordered several oils to try out as they have a great variety of travel sized products ( and you know how I love these!) in very reasonable price!

Have you checked this brand? If not give it a go and let’s compare notes!!!

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Products I’ve tried (and loved) this month

He guys! What’s up!! What have you been up to? I’ve had a pretty good start of 2017 with couple of days off and a short trip to Sofia (post will be up in few days with pics!). I’ve also tried some new beauty products and have changed a lot my beauty routine lately (getting older and wiser..!!).

So here are the products I loved and can recommend for ya! 


I can’t describe with words how happy and satisfied I’m with the entire line. Although my skin is oily, during winter -and especially when I have a cold- I find my skin too dry and  dawl. So this was a very nice surprise as with the ultra day cream I could actually feeling the hydration all day long,even after 8h of hard work. The lip balm is also great. I found the application a bit bizarre at first (you need to squeeze the product and then use your fingers to apply) but is is actually not that bad as you can control the amount of product you use. The body lotion is one of the brand’s best sellers and for a good reason! All and all I’ve been pretty satisfied with all the products I’ve tried from Kielh’s and I also got a nice sample sized night serum as a gift and been planning on buying the product soon! 

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