Dr. Murad Anti- Cellulite Treatment review


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5 easy tricks to make your makeup last


The eternal issue: you’ve done the perfect makeup,look gorge but after two hours you look like mess! Darling,don’t worry cause it has happened to the best of us!! There are though some very simple tricks that can help you keep your makeup longer,looking fresh and prep!

Use a primer 

It has to become as necessary as your day cream! for me its a life saving trick. Makes my skin more vivid and bright and i feel that there is no need to add too much makeup to create the look i want. i’ve also noticed that it helps my makeup stay on longer!


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Hair care Don’t care!

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Homemade body scrub

Nothing beats a good homemade beauty recipe!! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love shopping for beauty products,but every now and then I find the need for something pure and simple that can refresh my beauty routine and my skin! 

So today I’m sharing a very simple body scrub I found online and I think you’re gonna love!

Herbal Honey Lemon Sugar Scrub

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Beauty products i can’t stop using :Summer edition

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