• Fashion Manifesto
  • how fashion can change the world

    Fashion is a brutal industry. Designers have to “fight” each other for the best piece of the market. Commercial brands fight over store locations and prices. And the materials it-selves are sometimes environmental unfriendly. But there are still plenty of things we can do to help the environment and the society.  

  • Fashion icon
  • Tyra Banks

      There is something unique about Tyra. That girl has something remarkable and I’m not only talking about her style. It’s one of those rare women who can change your perspective once you notice them. I never had a false idea about models. Sure there are beautiful women but still I always understood how hard […]

  • Fashion Manifesto
  • Stylists (not) needed

    Yes, I get it why a Hollywood celebrity, a global pop singer or even I high profile politician might need a personal stylish. But for the rest of us common people that might not be so necessary! I have always found myself looking at magazines and complaining “why she looks so gorgeous and I can’t” […]

  • Fashion Manifesto
  • Despicable Me..

    For quite sometime I was feeling awful about myself. Whether it was my weight (although I never weighed more than 53kg), or my hair or my style. I began to love fashion a long time ago. Although I had a good eye for looks I never tried any of my ideas. Instead I kept going […]

  • Fashion Manifesto
  • The right way

    Fashion is art. Is the expression of your personality, your mood and your culture. From time to time it may change- for the better or the worse. Fashion can be a lot of things but it doesn’t have to be one: forced. Nowadays it’s common for young girls to just follow a celebrity style. This […]