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“Designer Lights” by Creaid

For the second time I need to state my full support and admiration for Mrs Marina Vernicos and Creaid. For those reading for the first time about it,Creaid is a non profitable organization dedicated to help those in need and raise awareness in order to relieve weak social groups.

Each action of Creaid has an artistic side too. Their second fundraising event is called “Designer Lights” and all the funds raised will be used to create a playground for Athens General Children’s Hospital.

Greek designers,architects and artists were invited to design their own light. All items will be auctioned online and will be presented in an exhibition until April 10th in Athens.

Best of luck to Creaid’s second event! Please visit the website and make sure you bid on your favorite (I personally cannot decide which I love most!) item and support Creaid’s work!



Apostolou-Katerina-Colakis-Minna-Auction-Photo-600x600       LightMining2016-600x587

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CREAID : When fashion shows compassion

I consider myself a very sensitive person when it comes to those in need. I always participate in projects and love to spread joy to others. That’s why from the moment I found out about CREAID I wanted to help!
CREAID is a newly established non profit organization oriented in the mutual respect and human dignity. You see, the fundamental meaning of helping is originally respect and understand the differences between (equal) individuals. Only when we achieve that we can truly understand the needs of others and help.


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Twisted mirror : Why can’t we see ourselves like others do

So  I was with my boyfriend for coffee the other day and I girl walked in. I saw her and just said ” why can’t I just look like her?”.
That has to be a question you’ve all asked yourselves at least once,right?
So why does that happen? Why we see some random person on the street and get so envious that our confidence goes down the sink?
After my jealousy outbreak my boyfriend pointed that this girl wasn’t as pretty as I thought. And right at this moment it hit me: It was an ordinary girl! I thought she was skinny but in reality she wasn’t slimmer than me. Ok,she was taller but  the high heels she was wearing were the ones making her looking like a model!

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this can be the best year of your life..


It’s finally February ,we’re done with the holidays so it’s time to finally focus and start planning this year. The past few weeks I have been wondering about my future and my goals. Are they realistic? Am I a dreamer or have I settled for less than I could have? These questions troubled me for some time. But then I realized it’s all in my head. Not just these troubling thoughts, but their solutions too!
You can be whoever you wanna be. I can be whoever I wanna be! But you have to start now! Time flies so quickly so you’d better hurry!

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