how fashion can change the world

Fashion is a brutal industry. Designers have to “fight” each other for the best piece of the market. Commercial brands fight over store locations and prices. And the materials it-selves are sometimes environmental unfriendly. But there are still plenty of things we can do to help the environment and the society.

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Tyra Banks


There is something unique about Tyra. That girl has something remarkable and I’m not only talking about her style. It’s one of those rare women who can change your perspective once you notice them.
I never had a false idea about models. Sure there are beautiful women but still I always understood how hard most of them work for that beauty. I am also well aware of the fact that beauty comes and goes..
So the reason why I admire Tyra so much is her ability to adjust and evolve. After her glorious modeling career (remember that she modeled during the greatest era of modeling with all the other supermodels) she didn’t just rest. University degree- and not just from any university! Harvard ladies!- tv shows, magazines, books, photography, singing, publication group and so much more! It is amazing how talented some people can be.

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It’s always nice to make new friends

This is one of those days where I don’t want to present to you nothing else but myself. And this is because I’ve felt so much of your love and support this week that I feel the need to express my gratitude towards all you wonderful people filling me with so much joy! I might sound mellow,but it’s true!!

This week I did my first giveaway( 3lucky girls will receive their prizes pretty soon! At least I hope so,cause the Greek post office is not my country’s best feature!!!) and that gave my blog the opportunity to become a bit more known. Most of all though I have talked to so many amazing people,bloggers and non-bloggers,that otherwise I wouldn’t have the chance to do so!

Your comments,your likes,your tweets mean the world to me!! You make me believe in myself a little bit more each day! Blogging is a dream coming true after such a long time waiting!

Thank you guys so much! I hope I can keep you company,inspire you and make your day for long long time!!

Love ya!


Stylists (not) needed

Yes, I get it why a Hollywood celebrity, a global pop singer or even I high profile politician might need a personal stylish.
But for the rest of us common people that might not be so necessary!

I have always found myself looking at magazines and complaining “why she looks so gorgeous and I can’t” or “if I had her assistants I would look as amazing as she does”, and I wasn’t really doing anything about it.
Obviously I never hired a stylist: I just became my personal one!

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Despicable Me..

For quite sometime I was feeling awful about myself. Whether it was my weight (although I never weighed more than 53kg), or my hair or my style. I began to love fashion a long time ago. Although I had a good eye for looks I never tried any of my ideas. Instead I kept going shopping with my friends and I was creating looks for them. I never thought I deserved any of these.
No, I didn’t have any mental conditions, I wasn’t depressed or anything. I was just brainwashed by tv and the hole celebrity looks I got to see in magazines. I was a normal girl but I was led to believe I wasn’t even a mediocre looking one!

I know many of you young girls out there feel the same. You see movie stars or singers looking great almost effortlessly and you feel you don’t even matter.

But that is not even remotely true! Who wouldn’t look amazing with a group of stylists, makeup artists and personal trainers? Don’t compare yourselves with any of these people!

I found out over the years what my best features are. I also know now that if I’m not pleased with something about myself I can change it. The hole point is to love yourself. Now I am my personal stylish and I have a clear picture of what I want to be. Of course I’m not perfect; who is anyway?
But at least now I love myself more and I see the real me in the mirror.

Don’t starve yourself to death to fit size 0, don’t hate yourself for being too tall or too short or too dark skinned! We all have our flaws but that doesn’t mean we are not beautiful!
That’s what I’ve learnt over the years..

Of course I look at the magazines and sometimes feel jealous when I see a girl way prettier than me. But that’s ok! I don’t fuzz about it anymore!
If something feels wrong go ahead and change it. But don’t go crazy over it!
For me the key is to know yourself and love yourself for who you are! Then you can create the best version of yourself..

The right way

Fashion is art. Is the expression of your personality, your mood and your culture. From time to time it may change- for the better or the worse. Fashion can be a lot of things but it doesn’t have to be one: forced. Nowadays it’s common for young girls to just follow a celebrity style. This is wrong. Be yourself! Yes,get ideas from celebrities, get inspiration. But don’t just copy someone. Be you, be true to yourself.

You don’t have to spend tons of money in order to be beautiful and trendy and in fashion. Use smart ways and solutions to save money and time. Don’t just be a fashion victim and shop everything you see.

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