when your style has a change of heart

I have been looking lately some pics of mine from 5 years ago. I was in my mid twenties and I was much more loose and relaxed. I didn’t care much for my clothes and although I had a thing for fashion I wasn’t really interested in trying much.
When I compare myself with how I looked back then I see a great difference. But that’s normal,right? We grow up,start working or have a family. But that’s not the only reasons why our style changes!


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Best runways of 2014

only few days after welcoming  2015 And i would like to take you back on memory lane with the best fashion shows from 2014’s fashion weeks! Hopefully we have more shows like these to look forward to in 2015!


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Dress to impress : first interview look 

The second part of my new post series is finally done! This week I wanna talk to you about the preferable and suitable looks for a job interview!

My mom goes crazy whenever I have a job interview. She has this old fashioned idea of how an appropriate  interview look should be that I’ve always found boring..

So over the years,and after countless interviews, I came to the conclusion that there is always a way to create a fashionable look for an interview that is true to your personal style and of course doesn’t age you!

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Another Athens Xclusive Designers week has ended and I would like to share my thoughts with you. For Athens this is a celebration of fashion,femininity and inspiration. For me it’s a great opportunity to see up in close and personal all these amazing new Greek designers and enjoy some healthy competition too in the annual new designers awards!So first of all I would like to congratulate this year’s winners : F. Erotokritos, Lisa &Kira and Sinister and show you how Greek fashion looks like for ss15!

Girly,flirty,provocative, sexy,ethnic are just few words to describe it!

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IMG_2893  IMG_2894  IMG_2897

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Autumn chill

It’s mid September guys so we all start looking for autumn clothes! I’m not a huge fan of cold weather and I rarely enjoy winter vacations so usually shopping for warmer clothes is my least favorite shopping. But this year I have a more prestigious job so my clothes need to be upgraded a bit!
I will be posting by the end of this month my new work outfits but for now I will share my no1 key piece for an autumn look: the cardigan.

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