My favorite looks from Cannes festival so far

Now, Cannes festival is known for some powerful cinema moments. But for us girls it is also known as a great opportunity to see some amazing looks from actresses from Europe and of course Hollywood! Since the festival continues I will only share some of my fav looks for now! I can’t wait to see some more glamorous gowns!

Nicole Kidman in a fairy-tale Armani gown


Blake Lively in a Gucci burgundy dress


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Things that make your life easier ( and more stylish)


How is everyone today? I know I haven’t been posting much lately but it’s been a difficult time at work.. Anyways, I was thinking that I need to make my life easier. I’m not 20 anymore so I need to look at my best faster and in the simplest way possible ( I think we have all established the fact that I’m lazzzyyy).

In order to do so I have found over the years some tricks. This week I’m going to share with you the things that every girl should own in order to make her life easier. You will notice that today’s post include some more pricy items,but as you’ll find out yourself I’m talking about items you will acquire once and have them for many years!

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Mad Walk by Coca Cola light

As happy and excited as I was in my last post being in Designers Week the same volume of feelings I’m experiencing now for Mad Walk, but in the exact opposite way. There are no words to describe my disappointment, especially since I went there expecting the exact opposite of what i saw.

To start from the beginning, the venue was quite big and the setting industrial. It had a 46m catwalk, which was very impressive and promising! And then the problems started: first of all the seats where in the same level as the catwalk. In other words only the front row could actually see the clothes.The rest of us “common people” from the second row and back were looking at heads and arms (best case scenario).

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The shirt story

Spring spring spring! Oh I can’t tell you how happy I am now that winter is finally over! Although my allergies are killing me right now all I can think of is shopping! I told you so many times that you don’t need to spend a fortune to be stylish. Smart buys are the key for creating a great look. So even if you can’t afford a full wardrobe change few key pieces will change your look and your attitude!

shirt is key to this endeavor: you can transform the simplest pair of jeans or a common  skirt to an amazing look!

Sleeveless loose shirts are great for spring. Patterned ones are a great choice to match with a torn pair of jeans.


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Spring shopping outlet!!

Have I ever told you how much I looooove outlets? I think I did mentioned it, but now I’m about to prove it.
I’m a working girl so of course I don’t have the luxury to buy those often expensive items. So, my number one rule is: shop in outlets!

This is a great way to buy items that would otherwise be too expensive for your budget, or even If they were affordable to begin with, in even better prices.

But what if you could have stylish clothes and accessories in great prices but also you didn’t have to leave your couch to get them?
In order for that to happen you need to combine two of my favorite things: online shopping and outlets!
Great combination,right?

My all time favorite online store is Mango Outlet. With free shipping over 75€ and with the ability to buy tons of things with that amount of money, how can I not love it?

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