H&M Studio A/W 2017

Who’s ready to shop??? Raise your hands if the only thing that excites you for the colder weather that’s coming is all the shopping.

You know how I don’t like winter (like,at all!) so the only things comforting me is first,Greece is a relatively warm country and secondly, winter clothes can be fun if you shop right.

And here enters HM latest collection, introducing sophisticated street style looks and teaching us how to do layers the correct way!

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Selena Gomez X Coach

It’s here people, it’s here!!!

The first collaboration of Selena Gomez with Coach is finally here and its really good! I mean, we’re pretty used to celebrities working with brands and in most cases results are quite nice too (Let’s not forget Gigi X Tommy Hilfiger ). Selena has been photographed for the brand’s campaign earlier this summer, wearing some of their -now- most wanted bags, in classic yet so stylish and trendy designs.  So the collection was only the next -highly anticipated- step.

Bags are very nice, like Coach nice(!!) so I would really like to get my hands on that red Grace bag. I would appreciate some more color options but I think since this is the first time Selena is doing that she and her team chose a smaller collection in order to keep it cohesive.


(images taken from the official Coach page)

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H&M X Erdem

Now that the summer is almost over and we have started getting in a new routine it’s time to talk about what we really want for next season: The new H&M collaboration of course!

The official announcement was made a month  ago and I have already shared my anticipation via Facebook but now that the time has come,we need to prepare people!

I have decided to have a descent budget this year, as their dresses are always dreamy so I know Im gonna want to buy a few! So Im saving up already. Stay tuned and be ready, November the 2nd is just around the corner!

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Autumn makeover

Hey guys! How are you? All tanned from your summer vacay?

I know it’s still hot out there but I have started preparing. When Zara adds the “Autumn/Winter” section on their App I know that’s my queue to start preparing for the inevitable: Winter is Coming!

This year I’m all about redefining and reinventing my personal style. So close to my birthday (only one month away) I have begun prioritizing differently my life,my choices and my style. I’m on the verge of some serious changes in my life so all this is basically a journey towards my new me and not just a post about what is trending for next season.

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August full moon

I’m not the romantic type and this is something that my boyfriend can definitely tell you! But August’s full moon has always given me this weird vibe,making more of a dreamer. Last year we went to Acropolis to watch it but I hated it because it was super crowded and you couldn’t find the slightest corner to sit down.

So this year we went to  Stavros Niarchos foundation Cultural Center,for me one of Athens jewels! Of course there were a lot of people but because the Center is very big and the park is in levels it was much easier to enjoy the night!

(Wearing Forever21 dress,Zara sandals and Victoria’s Secret handbag)



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Collection 3 by X Nihilo (a.k.a. my latest obsession)

“When you love what you do, creativity and ideas are not hard to find”

These words by the founder of X Nihilo, Jenny Hsieh, describe their brand in the simplest yet most accurate way . I came across this brand few months ago as I was stalking one of my favorite bloggers, Figtny  and immediately fell in love with it. You know me, I’m the definition of a bag person, but still I don’t just love all kinds of bags. Sure I’ll buy few trending pieces but I am all about the classic and simple lines, elegance and uniqueness. When first noticed X Nihilo I was impressed with their aesthetic : In a fashion world full of “busy” products their approach to simplicity was impressive. “Simple” elements tend to be considered boring in fashion, but these bags are the exact opposite!

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