Prigipo : Jewelry for the princess next door..

Greek language is very complicated. We have words that can describe the simplest thing and the most complicated emotions. And when we don’t have a word we can sure invent it!! 

This is exactly what happened with “Prigipo”…

The verb itself does not exist. The noun “Prigipissa” means princess in Greek so the ladies came up with their own verb.The story would have stopped right there but Prigipo turned out to be more than just a brand..

Their jewelry have a classic finesse that is hard to find in most modern jewelry lines. Elegant,simple,classy with a splash of color and playfulness. This brand managed to be loved very quickly and for all the right reasons.

Since 2004 Prigipo has moved a long way, expanding the brand and building a very strong connection with their clients.

You can immediately feel the vibe the moment you enter their showroom in Athens. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and after few minutes there it’s like chatting with a friend rather than a person you just met. Everyone was so helpful and even though we messed up with their displays trying to take photos we didn’t get in trouble! We even got a chance to see their bridal collection, but that’s a story for another post..

Τheir latest collection is called  “Resonance” and it’s a celebration of color and joy. It is consisted of earrings, necklaces and bracelets, all handmade and very unique. Each piece, carefully handcrafted, is telling a story: The story of a woman strong but elegant, that loves to travel but stays grounded.

Of course you can find most of their classic pieces from previous collections, such as their signature Crown rings, in gold,silver and rose gold.

(Special thanks to my amazing model Marina St.)

4 Trends I won’t be trying this season

Every season we get bombarded by magazines and influencers with dosen of trends . Some of these trends are easily incorporated in the every day life of a “regular” girl. Some others are a little bit outhere but still wearable in some occasions. There are,however, some trends that regardless of how easy they can be included in my wardrobe, I wouldn’t try..

Tie -Dye

We used to wear tie-dyed t-shirts in my teens so seeing this trend doesn’t make me very happy. I got over it pretty quickly the same time anyway so this time it is one of the trends that I don’t think it flatters ladies above 30 so not going to try that again!


Again another trend from the 80’s that we’re now too old to try! I don’t mind a slightly brighter color that the usuals I’m wearing but neon colors I think make an outfit look cheap. The only neon shirts I’m going to wear this year are the ones for my bike rides!

Vinyl Shoes

Now this is a bit tricky for me: I’m not against the trend and I have actually found several shoes that I would wear (again,many options are too cheesy for my age) but I have very sensitive feet so it is impossible to find vinyl shoes that won’t hurt as hell!

Braided Bags

It has been the third year since this trend emerged that I can proudly say I’m raffia bag free! I’m probably the only one but I can explain! My mom loves these bags and has owned several raffia bags over the years so I have always correlate them with much older women. Even though some designs are cutter than other I still find it hard to convince myself getting one!

Krakow Trip 

Hey Loves! Long time no seen, I know! I’m so sorry I haven’t been very active lately on my blog but life (and mainly work) has finally got me in a very exhausting point so I wasn’t really feeling very good.

Anyways, few weeks ago I visited Poland for the first time, Krakow to be specific, and I absolutely fell in love with it! You know I love traveling in general so of course I would enjoy the precious moments of traveling, but I knew from the moment we landed that this is a place I’ll want to come back over and over again.

The city of Krakow has an amazing vibe and the buildings are gorgeous! every corner of the city is Instagram friendly (:P) and walking around is simply a wonder for the eye..

We stayed in a beautiful hotel called Cracowdays , very close to the city centrer in a quiet neighborhood. Breakfast was amazing (they have this little kitchen/dining room which is so beautiful and the food was delicious!) and people there are super friendly and helpful!

We had decided to rent a car cause we wanted to visit places outside the city too and parking is so easy in the city (there’s also an app where you can prepay parking so it’s very helpful!).


The city itself is beautiful but don’t miss out the oporrtunity to visit the Wawel Castle and St. Mary’s Basilica! We visited a bunch of churches actually around the city as the art you can find inside are true jems!

Rynek Glowty (main square) is one of the largest Medieval squares in Europe and nowadays it is a very nice marketplace where you MUST stop by at the Cloth Hall and shop handmade amber jewelry !

Kazimierz is also a very nice area you can stroll around, with many good restaurants and coffee shops. Another interesting fact about the area is that
parts of “Schindler’s List ” was filmed in the area!

If you rent a car please do not forget to visit Auschwitz. Be prepared to cry a lot (I was crying for 4 hours straight) but it was totally worth the trip as it makes you undestrand more about what happened during WWII.

Another must is the Salt mines! For sure one of my favorite places we visited in Krakow! Amazing experience and great tour guides! Plus you get to shop 200 metters below surfice, so how cool is that?!

If you love aircrafts then the Aviation museum is a must! One of the biggest collections of WWII aircrafts in Europe. It takes a lot of time though so make sure you have half the day free to enjoy the walk!

Who wore it best: The battle of Pink at the Oscars

I think it’s safe to say pink was the color of this year’s Red Carpet at the Oscars. In all kinds of shades and shapes pink was chosen by many celebrities and dominated the Red Carpet (not all of them made a good impression though..).

Some looks were total show stoppers while others were big dissapointment!

here’s a quick list with the best and the worst pink looks! of course this is simply my opinion so make sure you comment with your ideas on the matter!!!


(images taken from Enews and popsugar)

Oscars Red Carpet 2019

Oh what a joy!! Those of you following me for years know I’m a Red Carpet addict so of course I spent hours watching the Oscars and then checking my favorite websites for all the juicy details on the outfits!!!

This year was a “love it or hate it” kinda night. Some outfits were so gorgeous that could take your breath away, while others were a complete disaster. I found very few ‘just ok” looks but most of them (one way or the other) caught my eye.

so with no further ado, here are my most favorite gowns of the night!

Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton

Jennifer Lopez in Tom Ford

Amy Adams in Versace

Emilia Clarke in Balmain

Lady Gaga in Alexander McQueen

Danai Gurira in Brocks Collection

Helen Mirren in Schiaparelli Haute Couture

(Images taken from Enews!)

Oscars Red Carpet: And the Winner is..

Celia Kritharioti Haute Couture! The famous Greek House was one of the most beloved choices for the stars this year, not only for the Oscars but for the after parties too! 14 actresses and celebrities wore Celia’s gowns last night and here’s a list of my favorite ones!!!

Maria Menounos

Nicole Scherzinger

Elaine Weteroth

(images taken from Enews and popsugar)