13 pieces every stylish girl needs this season in her closet

It’s the time of the year when you start making plans. It is basically the beginning of the year,whether at school or at work so this is a perfect time for new resolutions!! I myself decided after loosing some extra weight and having a new job,starting next week, to renew my wardrobe! So I’ve been checking magazines and blogs and here are the 13 things you need to have in your wardrobe this autumn!
1) black skinny jeans
It’s a must every year. It is comfortable,easy to wear and match with all kinds of clothes. Wear it with heels for a night out or with moccasins and boots for a day look.
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Online shopping VS store to store shopping

We live in a society where everything is digitalized. Our smartphones can do everything, our electric appliances are practically automated and we can have anything we wish with the push of a button. But is that better than doing things oldschool ?
Those who read my blog regularly know that I praise on online shopping. It’s fast,simple and convenient when working long hours. But does it beat store to store shopping?
Lets check pros And cons of online shopping and see if we really benefit from it!

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The Mediterranean diet

We all have our beauty secrets. Some we learn online, some from friends and family and some we discover in time. A good beauty secret is something that has been tested and proved effective many times. You wanna know the biggest beauty secret of all times? Mediterranean diet of course! I’m not just bragging because I’m Greek. It has been proved that Mediterranean diet includes all necessary ingredients for a healthy,nutritious and well balanced diet. If used properly it can be used for loosing weight (just include more salads and less meat) help to cute illnesses and improve skin complexion.
The ingredients themselves can be used to create all kinds of homemade facial masks,body scrubs and hair masks.


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Most well paid models for 2014

Hey guys! What’s up? I’ve been on vacations (again) and now that I feel more relaxed I’m looking all over the web for interesting topics for the blog! One of the things that caught my eye is the Forbes list for most well paid models!

Obviously number one for yet another year is Gisele! No surprises there, right?
Her countless contracts with fashion houses and campaigns kept her once again at the top!
Second to the top is shared between these two gorgeous women : Doutzen Kroes and Adriana Lima. The first one had a very lucrative contract with l’oreal and appearances for many famous fashion brands such as H&M, Emilio Pucci and Miu Miu. The second one had contracts this year with Maybelline and Desiqual, while both are still part of the Victoria’s Secret “angels” dream team!

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My week in pics

It’s been a wonderful week! I finally took my vacations and even though it was only a four days trip I had a blast! I spent the entire day on the beach and the nights BBQing and playing board games!
I really needed to relax and it came right on time since the next few weeks are going to be quite busy.
So here are few pics from my trip, just to out you in the mood!

image image

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