Golden Globes: The “Black” Red Carpet

This was definitely one of the most political and personal Golden Globes ever. Many actresses wore black gowns and quite few actors also, in order to  support the Time’s Up movement standing in solidarity with victims of sexual assault and harassment.Although in my personal opinion this action (and the hole movement’s publicity) is so long over due it is “better” late than never.The entire event was  dominated by the #timesup movement with plenty celebrities giving empowering speeches on the matter.

Anyways, the red carpet was filled with amazing gowns and here are some of the ladies and outfits that popped my eye this year!!

Kelly Clarkson 

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Bye Bye 2017!!

Hey guys!!! Ready to say goodbye to 2017?? I’m sooooo ready (and been like that for months!). 2017 has been a pretty rough year for me and although I didn’t let anyone understand it am fed up with it and in need of a change!

I did manage to do some of my last year’s resolutions so that is something but still I have so many things I want to try!

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Xmas shopping guide: His & Hers

Good morning Ladies!

How is the Xmas spirit treating you? To be honest, besides the holiday music at work I haven’t felt it much this year so I’m hoping some Holiday shopping for my loved ones to put me in the mood soon!

Like every year I’m going to share with you some present ideas based on what I’m going to buy so feel free to comment if you have any suggestions!

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Greeks do it better: 5 Greeks that rock the Fashion Industry

If you consider the History of the Greeks, the traditions, the culture and the things we have endured all these centuries It only make sense that we have a long tradition in fashion too. Just think of the great garments and jewelry made during the Cycladic period in ancient Greece and  you can imagine what modern technology and talent can do now! So here are 5 very talented (and highly known) Greeks that we all love and admire!

Zoeva Cosmetics  

Beauty industry fell in love almost immediately with the amazing makeup brushes from Zoe Boikou, born in Thessaloniki and now living in Germany. The brand was born when Mrs Boikou wanted to purchase high quality makeup brushes in an affordable price. After realizing this wan’t possible she took matters into her own hands. With no cosmetics background people thought it wasn’t going to work but as we all know history proved them wrong!

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Black Friday guidebook

Black Friday frenzy has come once again and everyone is panicking over it! This morning I’ve been woken up by several text messages from brands that were sending me the latest offers and once I opened my emails I found 35 (!!!) additional offers!

Black Friday is very popular in the States but in Europe is a much recent phenomenon. Most of the times I end up regretting my purchases so this year I will be sharing with you my new tactics!

As you know I m doing a winter capsule wardrobe this year (which is going very well I must say) so I won’t be shopping any clothes.But since the same rules apply pretty much in any kind of shopping I think these will help you!

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Winter Capsule Wardrobe

hello ladies! What’s up?

It’s Sunday night, I work the night shift tonight and I had a brand-new-old idea: The winter capsule wardrobe (ground breaking, I know!).

Those following me from the start already know I have tried and failed miserably the capsule wardrobe concept before. This time around though I think it might actually work for me for several reasons. First of all, I work shifts now and also attend the University so I don’t have as much time free as I used too.Also I wear uniform at work and I don’t have to worry about my day-to-day work outfit anymore.

I have noticed that lately I tend to wear pretty much the same things on my free time, a pair of jeans and a sweater or sweatshirt when I’m at home and  usually add a blazer or a cardigan when going out. So obviously it is much easier for me to adapt this time with the hole capsule wardrobe idea as I don’t have to worry about my work outfits anymore.This is actually sooo much better as I get to keep more items for my wardrobe (my uniforms won’t be included on my list so 41 items can stay for my winter wardrobe!!).

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