My favourite App!

Hey ladies! Getting tired of diets? Me too! I cannot keep a diet! ╬Ło matter how many times I’ve tried, it never lasted more than a week! But for the last 5 months I have been losing weight, keeping my system healthy and feeling better!
How? I have to thank app stores first and then the founders of Lifesum app!

What Lifesum is:
It’s one of these apps that can help you keep a schedule of your daily eating habits. First, you set your goal. Whether is losing some weight or just maintaining your correct one, this app is great!

I was reluctant at first cause I’m not really known for my perseverance, so I thought there was no way of succeeding. But turns out it was so easy and simple that I’m still doing it!
So after setting your goal you need to track everything you eat and any type of exercise. If you have the same thing for breakfast everyday you can just add it to your list and save time.

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The living room issue

One of my New Year’s resolutions is finding an apartment! But finding the right place is not the only problem as the idea of decorating it is also troubling me these days! I have already have though some ideas about the living room but since I don’t want to spend a fortune I’m trying to be creative!!If you are looking for a place too or you just want to make few changes to your living room here are some ideas to help you out!!

The couch
The most important piece in your living room is your couch. You need to find one that fits your needs- for small apartments choose a small couch but if you have enough space you can add a bigger one, or add two more armchairs.
If you don’t want to make drastic changes to your living room you can change the covers of your couch to a more brighter and vivid color. This will instantly change your entire living room!

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