Useful apps for new bloggers

Did you know that kaysecrets is almost one year old?? I never thought I would continue sharing my thoughts Such a long time and obviously I couldn’t expect your support! 

It is time to share now with all the new bloggers some very useful apps that every blogger should know about! 


Social media 

If or obvious reasons social media is a great weapon for a new blogger to become known,interact with others and advertise his blog. I use several social media platforms but the ones I find more useful are Bloglovin and Instagram! Although these are the ones I am mostly popular (fro some reason it’s twitter!) they are the most effective when it comes to finding new readers. Using the appropriate hashtags on Instagram and adding many new bloggers like myself on Bloglovin are quite effective I must say! 

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The best present you can give : Donate your hair

It’s one of these times when you just have no words to express the greatness of some people’s soul. It’s just a few weeks away from Christmas and I have found the perfect gift we can all give to others: our hair.
Cancer is an aggressive disease that in its worse cases needs chemotherapy in order to be controlled. Most patients lose some or most of their hair during that period. Especially for women this can be extremely frustrating. In this difficult period all of us can help by donating our hair after a haircut for wigs from real hair to be made.

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Books all my IT girls must read

So I’ve been doing some reading lately and I decided to share with all my girls some of my favorite fashion books!!

Devil wears Prada
You’ve all seen the movie,right? Well the book is even better! All these amazing and funny stories about how really the fashion industry works with a pinch of humor and too much honesty!


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My Dukan diet part two

It’s been over a month since I finished phase 3 of Dukan’s diet and I’ve been in phase 4 ever since. It is the most loose and stress free phase cause you don’t really need to worry much about what you eat,provided that you avoid fried food or too much junk food. I can’t say that I felt hungry or any kind of food “withdrawal” all this time,nor gain any weight back! I’m pretty pleased with the results and every now and then I just have a protein-only day to keep my metabolism burning faster!
All and all I have to say that this is the best diet I’ve ever tried and I’m very happy I did it!
Definitely recommending this one!

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Pantene expert collection review

It’s been a while since I gave you a product review. This time I spend a month testing the latest Pantene Pro V line. I have to say that although I’ve been using Panten’s products for many years and I was genuinely happy with them,this time is not the case. First of all I’m not very happy about the price: it is almost double than the rest of their lines. Of course we are talking about an exclusive line,especially designed to fit the standards of products you can find in beauty salons. But the results promised,in my case, where no where to be seen.
Let’s be completely honest, none of us expects the miracles promised in ads. But still you expect something..

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5 reasons why we love AXDW

Four great days spent at Athens Xclusive Designers Week and I couldn’t be more pleased. I love every minute I spend at this event! The people,the designers,the models,the vibes..! So before I post my latest update from this year’s event let me share with you 5 reasons why you should all love AXDW.

5) It’s a great opportunity to meet fashionlovers,bloggers and designers and get to know them in person. It’s one of these rare times when we can all be at the same place!

4) It gives the opportunity to new designers to show their clothes,as every year one day is dedicated to new designers and..

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