BAFTAs night!!

Another glamorous night in the otherwise rainy London. In the middle of LFW first class celebrities paraded on the red carpet for BAFTAs last night.
Amazing couture dresses from most of the ladies and elegant suits for some of the most handsome men on earth!

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Miley Cyrus

You all know Miley.. We don’t need to say much: The little innocent girl grew up and turned to a provocative woman. And that’s fine because we do like her more like that!!

Many claim that this change is fake and it was just a media trick. That could be the case, but I prefer to think that once you finally understand yourself you create your own path- right or wrong.

One thing I love about Miley’s style is her haircut. Really short hair in Baby blonde color. For those of you with Miley’s face structure a short and edgy haircut would definitely change drastically your look. You don’t need to shave parts of your hair like Miley, but short hair can be classy especially in blonde and reddish shades.

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Olivia Palermo

Don’t tell me that you haven’t tried to copy her style, not even just once!
One of my favorite celebrities to follow her style. This girl has the unique talent to create the hottest outfits with the simplest things. Her street style is exquisite even if she wears jeans! That is truly a talent based not in luck.
Olivia has a long, close relation to fashion. We first met her from MTV’s series ” The City” but her modeling career soon followed. Now we can check her news and fashion tips from her own blog ( check it and you won’t regret it).

Olivia likes to keep it simple. She chooses similar color palettes, earthy colors and girly looks. Although sophisticated her choices are never over the top and she usually prefers to add a more unique bag or jewelry than non-comfortable clothes. This is exactly the reason why I like her style: she doesn’t wear something just to provoke. She chooses instead clothes that reflect her personality and stays true to herself.

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Fashion icon of the week : Victoria Beckham

There are no words for Queen V! For me Victoria is the definition of style. Ever since her spice girls’ days she stood out for her attitude and dress code. Even during her solo singing attempts or her years as a devoted mum her style kept growing and she soon became a fashion icon.
But it was not until she launched her own fashion line that her personal style reached the top! Her first line had a sexy yet elegant perspective but her latest is the one that really made her the successful fashion designer and business woman she is. With her new store in London coming up and her award as the best new comer fashion designer there is no doubt that she won’t stop surprising us with her style.
Her every move is followed by the paparazzi and she never disappoints them: every single photo is like a magazine cover, even if she just takes her boys to football practice!

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