Krakow Trip 

Hey Loves! Long time no seen, I know! I’m so sorry I haven’t been very active lately on my blog but life (and mainly work) has finally got me in a very exhausting point so I wasn’t really feeling very good.

Anyways, few weeks ago I visited Poland for the first time, Krakow to be specific, and I absolutely fell in love with it! You know I love traveling in general so of course I would enjoy the precious moments of traveling, but I knew from the moment we landed that this is a place I’ll want to come back over and over again.

The city of Krakow has an amazing vibe and the buildings are gorgeous! every corner of the city is Instagram friendly (:P) and walking around is simply a wonder for the eye..

We stayed in a beautiful hotel called Cracowdays , very close to the city centrer in a quiet neighborhood. Breakfast was amazing (they have this little kitchen/dining room which is so beautiful and the food was delicious!) and people there are super friendly and helpful!

We had decided to rent a car cause we wanted to visit places outside the city too and parking is so easy in the city (there’s also an app where you can prepay parking so it’s very helpful!).


The city itself is beautiful but don’t miss out the oporrtunity to visit the Wawel Castle and St. Mary’s Basilica! We visited a bunch of churches actually around the city as the art you can find inside are true jems!

Rynek Glowty (main square) is one of the largest Medieval squares in Europe and nowadays it is a very nice marketplace where you MUST stop by at the Cloth Hall and shop handmade amber jewelry !

Kazimierz is also a very nice area you can stroll around, with many good restaurants and coffee shops. Another interesting fact about the area is that
parts of “Schindler’s List ” was filmed in the area!

If you rent a car please do not forget to visit Auschwitz. Be prepared to cry a lot (I was crying for 4 hours straight) but it was totally worth the trip as it makes you undestrand more about what happened during WWII.

Another must is the Salt mines! For sure one of my favorite places we visited in Krakow! Amazing experience and great tour guides! Plus you get to shop 200 metters below surfice, so how cool is that?!

If you love aircrafts then the Aviation museum is a must! One of the biggest collections of WWII aircrafts in Europe. It takes a lot of time though so make sure you have half the day free to enjoy the walk!

Finally Vacations!!!

Well, it only took me half a year but I finally took 12 days off just for myself! It had been a very difficult season, with long working hours and a lot of stress so this much needed time to relax and enjoy life again was pretty essential.

Since I wanted to stay as relaxed as possible we decided with my boyfriend to spend the entire time in his beach house, only 1,5h away from Athens in the island of Evvia.  The weather was amazing and since schools had started already we had the beach to ourselves the entire time!

I only packed the essentials : my swimsuits, summer dresses and my books! We also downloaded a bunch of movies we kept saying all year we were gonna watch but never did!


My Favorite swimsuit this season was by The Helpful Vegan and it was a strapless polka dots bikini! I loved it from the moment  I saw it on their store!

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Your new favorite swimsuits..

Hey Loves!

Are you having fun this summer? Me not so much I’m afraid, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want you to! In order to assist you with that I have been checking all the latest swimsuit brands out there and boy I have so many good options for ya!

Today I’m going to  share with you Bright Swimwear   which besides their amazing bikinis and affordable prices they also care for the environment! Bright Swimwear donates 10% of profits towards PlasticOcean and their work, and tries to change the hole mentality regarding the ocean pollution. For me that’s a win-win  situation and I’m totally sold!!!!

Today you have an extra reason to shop from Bright Swimwear, as we’ve teamed up to give you an extra 15% off your order, using the code 15KAYSECRETS !! Trust me, you don’t want to miss this!!!!


How to survive a sunburn

Confession: I have been in such a bad mood lately that few days by the sea was all I could think of. Due to the heavy schedule I couldn’t take any days off until September so no proper vacation for me.

So when I finally had a long weekend didn’t think twice: Got myself my Mahi duffel bag full with swimsuits and dresses and went to my boyfriend’s beach house.

The house is located in Evvoia, which is only 1,5h from Athens, and right next to the beach.

Needless to say they couldn’t convince me to leave the beach! We got ourselves some floaties too and that was the reason I got myself a “nice” sunburn!!

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Tatoi Summer Palaces: A day in the woods

Tatoi Summer Palace is the former summer residency of former Greek Royal Family. It is located in mount Parnitha and it is in a densely wooded area.The Palace is now abandoned but the property is still in pretty good shape. Buildings are not habitable obviously but its a great place for a walk, bike riding or a picnic!

January had been a very busy and difficult month with work and the University so this week on my (one and only) day off we decided to visit the area. Weather was great so no need for  heavy coats,I was able to pass the hole day with a sweater and a boyfriend blazer. Walking is a great exercise,despite my boyfriend’s complains on the matter. Continue Reading