Beauty products to try this year

Hello darlings!

How is 2019 treating you so far? It’s been raining and snowing in Greece the past week so we haven’t been able to go out much but I spent most of the past few days re-organizing my closet and my beauty cabinet.

Since the first weeks of a New Year is usually the time to plan ahead and make changes for the whole year I decided to share with you some of my favorite beauty products that made the cut and will be essential part of my beauty routine for 2019.

Urban Decay

2018 was the year I became a huge fan of their All nighter line, both the foundation and the setting spray. I love trying new things but I usually stick to the things I know and feel comfortable with. So switching from my beloved Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation to the All Nighter liquid foundation means a lot! The setting spray is also so sooo goo that I can’t live without it!


Everyone loves this brand for their primers and of course I am no exception to this rule. My absolute favorite primer is their pore minimizer which is really amazing! I’ve been using it for 3 years and it is so great! If you haven’t tried it already make sure you add it to your bag for this year. It is a life savior !

This is a brand that needs no introductions. Their makeup brushes and accessories are well known for years and many makeup artists and youtubers swear by their products. It is a bit pricey though so I didn’t have the chance to try many of their brushes out before. Last November I took advantage of the Black Friday sales on Beauty Bay and got myself a bunch of their brushes. I got foundation and eye shadow brushes from the Rose Golden line and contouring and highlighting brushes from them Screen Queen line. Investing in good quality brushes is very essential for a flawless look and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!


This has been on my wishlist for ages! Zoeva brushes are a must have and favorite for so many beauty gurus and influencers but since it is a bit pricey I had to wait until Black Friday’s sales last November to stock up from Beauty Bay! I must say I can see a huge difference on my makeup just by using the right brushes. If you haven’t tried them yet make sure you put them on your wishlist this year!

Revolution Beauty London

This is one of the two new brands I’ve tried this year for the first time. Youtubers seem to love this brand so I had to give it a try! I got several products from them but my most favorite one is their concealer. It is quite pigmented which is good for me as I want a full coverage from my concealer. Also the price is great!!!

Louis Vuitton Cruise Show 2019

Some Houses are a guarantee when it comes to mesmerizing shows. Louis Vuitton is for sure one of the few Houses that can pull a show like that off, not only fashion-wise but stage-wise as well. The show took place in  France, at the Fondation Maeght in Saint-Paul-de-Vence.

The venue was incredible and of course the clothes by Nicolas Ghesquière were to die for! Enjoy the show from their official YouTube channel!

HM X Erdem-Final countdown

It’s happening ladies!!! Just few hours left for the new collection! I’m gonna be working the night shift but I will be waking up tomorrow at 10:30 so that I can be able to get my hands on some nice pieces online! If you haven’t seen the collection (first of all, in which planet you live??) here are some of the amazing looks you can get if you wake up early!

Golden Globes : The Ladies that nailed the Red Carpet

First Red Carpet of the year and I think 2017 is going to be a great year for fashion! Although it’s still January we saw bright colors and summer textures in most of the gowns. Very few looks were not worth mentioning – with so few no-nos finally!! – while it was the first time that it was sooo hard to pick my favorite looks! It was obvious that we had some winning colors as yellow stole the spotlight with many ladies having a preference for it this year. 

Michael Kors was the winning designer of this year’s red carpet in my humble opinion, as two of his looks were in my top 10 looks of the night,one of them in yellow! Viola Devis wore this vivid yellow gown while Sienna Miller showed her incredible figure in this white dress.

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Emmys: Red Carpet winners

No need to ask if you’ve seen the Emmys, right?? Well time difference and work did not allow me to work the entire show on time but i was able to check the red carpet! This year i found a lot of looks that i loved! although not a fan of yellow i loved Taraji’s dress and  Sarah’s unconventional outfit not to mention Priyanka’s  gorgeous red dress!

So here is my very favorite looks from Red carpet!

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