Golden Globes 2015 – best red carpet looks

You know how terrible is when you live in a totally different time zone than Golden Globes?? You have to stay up sooooo late in order to watch the red carpet! But if you’ve seen it you know it was worth it!!
For those who haven’t seen any pics from last night (where were you?????) here’s some of the most amazing looks and my fav gowns!!

I have to congratulate Helen Miller,not only for her impeccable style but also for the pen she was wearing and the sign #jesuischarlie holding in the red carpet!

image image
Emma Stone’s look has to be my favorite! Forgetting all about the gown “rule” she wore a playsuit that showed her stunning figure and her red hair!


Now here’s a wife that can make the paparazzi go crazy!! Jenna Dewan Tatum’s Yellow/lemon is a very difficult color to wear,but this gorgeous gown fits like a glove to her figure and her complexion creates an amazing contradiction!



You have to admit it: Greeks do it better! Maria Menounos wore this mindblowing deep blue gown! No words Maria,hands down!!


Ralph Lauren is mostly known for the luxurious casual looks,but for Taylor Schilling created a beautiful red gown! The neck line is amazing and although simple the look is definitely eye-catching!


Katie Holmes made a great comeback to the Golden Globes with this simple yet gorgeous Marchesa dress,in an unusual color that was obviously the right choice for her!!


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Style in a music box

You know how much I enjoy finding new amazing stores! My latest discovery is Muzitee! It’s a totally different store than the ones I usually pick,but that’s exactly why I love it!
Muzitee is an online store for those loving music. It’s an online clothing brand for musiclovers,mainly menswear, but a great option for all ya fashion icon girls who appreciate a statement shirt to match your boyfriend jeans!
Now besides the retro/music related style what really caught my eye was the box in which you receive your order. It’s not just any box. It is an old school music cassette! This gorgeous music box I think has to be one of the smartest boxing ideas I have ever seen! It is ideal for presents and I promise you, there’s no way you’re not keeping this box!
With your order you also receive your personal password and you can download exclusive EPs from various artists working with Muzitee.
There are so many little details about this store that I’m still discovering and truly love. For example,all t shirts cost 19,81 euros  because the the person behind this great idea (Vangelis Orfanidis) was born in 1981.
To me what truly matters is having a clean concept,and this is exactly what I found in Muzitee.
Another pro of this store is the free shipping worldwide! Although it is a Greek store, so for my shirts I don’t have to worry about it, I have many friends that live abroad so this brilliant when sending a present!
The latest addition to the Muzitte collection is the hoodies line, especially designed to “accommodate” your MP3 player/smartphone just so you can include more music in your life!




For more info and orders check

( this in not a paid advertisement. This post depicts the writer’s personal opinion)

sparkling wishes….

Sunday fun-day they say and as it was my mum’s birthday we decided to pay a visit to Athens flea market for some shopping and walking around.  I have told you before how much I enjoy walking in these little street markets and browse people’s crafts. But today I made a great discovery..

It was just about to start raining. The streets were busy as people kept walking quicker and quicker. But as we were looking for a restaurant to eat something caught my eye. There was a girl standing behind a small table. She wasn’t like the rest of the sellers in the area. Dressed elegantly, wearing beautiful jewelry and smiling to everyone. I stopped by her table and was amazed. Beautifully handmade jewelry in many different designs and colors. The name was sparkling wishes and that is exactly what it was in deed!
As I found out each jewelry design has a unique purpose: It is a symbol.
I always love items that mean something. Jewelry are great and it’s my favorite weapon for styling an outfit. But jewelry become precious only when they reflect a part of you.
As I began browsing the collection I fell in love with the simplicity,the colors and the aesthetic of it. Each set has a neckless and a bracelet but obviously you can buy things  separately.
My mum bought 4 bracelets: 2 for myself and 2 for my sister.
I chose the infinity symbol,which is like my favorite symbol this year, and the small jigsaw puzzle. The first symbolizes the endless possibilities and the second that the missing piece in your life is next to you. Maybe I’m hopelessly romantic,but the bracelets’ cards have a special and deep meaning for each bracelet to me.
image (3) image (1) image (2)
Right after we chose the ones we loved my mum was offered one as a gift! I was again happily surprised! I don’t feel it happened for marketing reasons. I think it came straight from this girl’s heart and was a spontaneous decision,a “thank you” for spending so much time there.
While leaving I kept thinking my greatest mistake that day: I didn’t buy the matching neckless too!!!
if you wish to check their collection you can visit

Emmys best looks

And once again here we are! Watching the 2014 Emmys awards and admiring these gorgeous gowns some celebrities wore! This time I won’t show you the looks I hated but I’m gonna share with you my favourite ones!!

The best look has to be Julia Roberts. Is it my idea or she really looks younger than ever? I love her new hair do, with lighter blonde color, her body is just amazing and the choice of a shorter dress couldn’t be more right for her!



Actress Lena Headey has to be my second choice, with her black gown. This conservative for some look is one of my favs because let’s face it, it’s very hard to go wrong with a black dress!


One of my favorite girls is Heidi Klum. So obviously I couldn’t leave her out of my list! Especially with this amazing vivid gown that goes perfectly with her suntanned complexion! And of course, her second look from the latest Project Runway.


image image




Allison Williams gorgeous blue gown really caught my eye last night and I loved the fact that she chose a simple hair do, just to give it a bit more earthy style.


Kerry Washington really impressed everyone with her silhouette, as she recently had her first baby! Amazing body and a playful dress was all she needed to steal the spotlight!!



Last but not least is Sofia Vergara. White is my favorite color this time of year so of course I had to include a white gown to my list! Sofia proves that curvy women are sexy and stylish! Go Sofia!



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….. Polyvore

Spending much time looking for looks for the blog has it’s perks. I read tons of magazines, go shopping a lot and learning all about the new trends!
My favorite thing right now is Polyvore. This is an amazing app than allows you to create different looks and add gorgeous items from international brands, from the cheapest to the most expensive! You can also add beauty products,jewerly and accessories and create a look from head to toe!

Since last week that I opened my Polyvore account I have been obsessed with it! It’s like having the best closet ever right in your hands!! The only disadvantage is that I have expanded my wish list dramatically this week with all these fabulous items!

So if you want to check all my looks you only need to have your own Polyvore account and then we can all share our fashion ideas!
Don’t forget to add Catherine Kay (Kaysecrets) to your Polyvore friends!!


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Working with new friends!

Hey guys! How was your week? Well, I’ve been doing a seminar and kept myself quite busy these days but I have good news too! Tomorrow you can check my first post from my collaboration with FashionWorked!

I’m super happy about it and hope you can all stop by and see what we’ve planned for you!

So tomorrow is the first of many more great posts coming! I hope you enjoy it! Plz leave a comment either here or on FashionWorked and let us know what you think about it!!


Athens Xclusive Fashion Week review




Fashion week is a celebration of fashion,style and talent. It is a way for all the designers to present their work. But new designers deserve a chance to present their work too. Athens exclusive designers week is a great opportunity for new designers to show their work, compete and become well known to the general public.
This institution gives them this wonderful opportunity to do so.

For me being there is exactly how a kid in a toy store feels! I’m over excited, can’t get enough and love every second of it! So being able to do it in Athens, seeing such amazing new designers and meeting talented people is an even greater joy for me.

This year the AXDW featured among the new designers some already well known Greek designers – such as Atelier Loukia, Konstantinos Mitrovgenis, Kathy Heyndels  and Makis Tselios- but also international ones! The highlight of this event for me had to be tonight’s one and only Cacharel, presenting for the first time in Greece it’s latest collection.

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