Fashion Revolution : Who made your clothes?


Have you ever wondered who makes your clothes? Don’t care? Well,you should! Every year hundreds of people are exploited,underpaid and illegally employed from factories in order for clothes to be made. Yes,not all companies use these tactics but that’s one more reason to learn about this issue.
FashionRevolution  is asking all these questions and pushing to find out the stories behind our clothes.The idea is for a global movement to be created,people to become aware of how this industry works and if possible to make a change.
Fashion Revolution Day is on April 24th and you can easily get involved and help with this cause. But don’t just wait until next year! Make sure you check the brands you live and find out how and where your clothes are made!

Athens Xclusive Designers Week 15/16: Shows I loved


So exited! Once again I had the most amazing time at AXDW,saw some amazing shows and met awesome people: bloggers,designers,audience!
This time around was more challenging for me because I really wanted to bring you guys great material. So now I have a problem: How can I include 625 pics in this post??
I’ve narrowed it down to my most(most,most) favorite shows and of course I know that I’m unfair for not sharing everything with ya,but I hope you understand!

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My WhoWhatWear addiction

There’s no surprise when bloggers get inspired by other bloggers. But when your inspiration is two of the most talented women in this industry then you don’t just follow!! So my confession today is simple: I’m addicted to whowhatwear !! Originally began as a fashion blog by Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr (no strangers to this industry even prior to blogging) but quickly turned into a very successful fashion magazine!


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The Oscars: Red Carpet winners

How is everyone doing tonight?

i know what you have been waiting for: The best looks from last night’s Red Carpet! Many gorgeous ladies did their best to dazzle us but these are the looks that stole my heart this year!

So here we go!

Emma Stone 

You know i adore her so obviously she would be high on my list

emma stone

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Codina : When history meets passion…

It’s always nice to find passionate and talented people out there. People who love what they do and put a small part of their heart in each piece.
One of these cases is Codina jewelry in Barcelona. In their workshop Codina combines old traditional handmade jewelry techniques, with modern technologies and styles.techniques that were past on from father to son!
What got me really interested in this jewelry workshop is their idea of creating artifacts specifically for each of their customers. So although they have certain contemporary collections that you can browse from they mainly specialize in making your dream jewelry become true,so You can practically design the item of your desire!

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Golden Globes 2015 – best red carpet looks

You know how terrible is when you live in a totally different time zone than Golden Globes?? You have to stay up sooooo late in order to watch the red carpet! But if you’ve seen it you know it was worth it!!
For those who haven’t seen any pics from last night (where were you?????) here’s some of the most amazing looks and my fav gowns!!

I have to congratulate Helen Miller,not only for her impeccable style but also for the pen she was wearing and the sign #jesuischarlie holding in the red carpet!

image image

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Style in a music box

You know how much I enjoy finding new amazing stores! My latest discovery is Muzitee! It’s a totally different store than the ones I usually pick,but that’s exactly why I love it!
Muzitee is an online store for those loving music. It’s an online clothing brand for musiclovers,mainly menswear, but a great option for all ya fashion icon girls who appreciate a statement shirt to match your boyfriend jeans!
Now besides the retro/music related style what really caught my eye was the box in which you receive your order. It’s not just any box. It is an old school music cassette!

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