My Spring shoes style

Yes, wearing high heels is always sexy, but how comfortable do you feel wearing them all day? Due to the nature of my work and of course whenever I need to travel, I find it very hard to give up my favourite Tod’s loafers! I can’t sacrifice my comfort for high heels on daily basis. Those of you who have tried any type of moccasin shoes get me right now!
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It is amazing how some people are so creative in unique ways. We’ve seen great achievements over the years in many aspects of our lives and especially in technology. So while most of us are trying to come up with a new technological idea, some people go back. They go back in time and find peace with the elements of nature.

Wood is a complex element. It takes time, knowledge, patience and love to create something from it. “Xylo”┬áis the Greek word for wood, an element very difficult to work with, to control and master.

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Happy New York Fashion Week!!

It’s official, New York fashion week is only few hours away. Very soon the cold and snowy streets of NY will be filled with designers, fashion editors, models, makeup artists, bloggers and celebrities enjoying the biggest celebration of fashion in the city. Not long after that, Fashion Week will “move” closer to my neighborhood: Paris, Milan and London.

I’m really looking forward today for BCBG Max Azria and Desiqual and
Diane Von Furstenberg and DKNY on Sunday.
Don’t miss Tory Burch on the 11th and Michael Kors on the 12th.

But mainly I’m curious about all the new designers that will participate in fashion week this time! Looking forward seeing really amazing couture this week!!

For more information check the official Mercedes -Benz Fashion Week website


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..H&M – Long live fashion!

H&M is one of these brands that can always surprise you. It’s not just a commercial wide known brand selling clothes in good prices. It is a living breathing organism that interacts with its clients and the world around it.
For the past few years it has organized numerous campaigns to help the society and the environment.

Many celebrities know for their concerns and beliefs have helped the company in various ways- from designing clothes to participating in their campaigns.
H&M “conscious- long live fashion” is a campaign based on the fact that the majority of clothes we don’t need or use are thrown away instead of being recycled.

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We love outlets!

If there’s one thing women love more that sales is all year round sales! I’m talking about the outlets, that are now opening faster than the speed of light all over Europe. Of course this is no news in the states, but for Europe is a new trend started few years back. As obvious the fashion capitals of Europe where the first to have outlet malls but now pretty much all countries have few. Besides the great convenience of shopping everything you need in only one facility the best advantage is ,by far, the prices!
Maintaining your style is an expensive “sport”, that’s why these outlets are a great opportunity to renew your wardrobe without spending a fortune. There is a great variety in brands and styles and it’s easy and fun to shop there!
I obsolutely adore shopping in outlet malls!!
For those of you who have the opportunity to travel a lot or for those who just like to dream here are the best outlet malls in the world. Enjoy!

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