Cleaning up my closet…


It’s the time of the year where I open my closet and can’t decide what to wear. It’s not summer yet, but it’s too hot to wear winter clothes. It is also the time that I clean up my closet! For some people it is extremely difficult to do this. They feel that can’t live without their staff! Luckily I have no emotional attach to my clothes. Except from some pieces that I keep for years,most of my clothes are easily “disposable” (and cheap as I’ve told you many times before!). I hate throwing clothes though, I find it terrible given the fact that many people suffer and are in need of basics. So when and if you decide to give up some of your clothes don’t throw them away! Donate them to an organization,a family who you know is in need or if your motives are more personal then give your clothes to H&M ‘s conscious program, which recycles fabrics and donates clothes to poorest countries. You’ll do something good and get a 15% discount for an H&M future purchase, as a reward for being a good girl!

Now,you know what to do with your spare clothes. But,which clothes??? How can you decide which clothes to keep and which ones to give? Well,here is a quick guide for ya!

• Begin cleaning your closet in the morning,on a day where you have plenty of time.If you do it in a hurry you’ll end up doing a just half of the work or throwing something that you would actually need!

• Have a clear picture of your personal style.The one you already have and any potential changes you wish to do it the near future.The pieces you will keep in your closet must feet this parameters!

• when you want to decide whether to keep something or not take a good look at it : When was the last time you wore it? If you can’t even recall that then it’s defiantly time to remove it from your closet!! If you’re still not convinced,then try it on and create a look. If you are happy with the result there’s a chance you might wear it! In that case, keep it for few more months and see if you finally wear it!

• Keep pieces that are easy to wear and match. Key pieces are useful not just for a work outfit but even for a more formal look! The little black dress, a nice pair of dark blue skinny jeans and a nice pair of heels and loose blouses can do the trick in no time!

• organize your closet! A neat closet,well organized,with all your things in order can be very helpful when you are in a hurry and in need of an outfit ASAP ! Also, you can monitor this way which items you actually use – whether is clothes,accessories,bags or shoes- an which ones just take space in your closet!

Going to clean my closet tomorrow morning! What about you girls?

(image is obviously taken from TV series “Sex and the City” )