Clinique products for oily skin!!

I first tried the Clinique anti-blemish solution products last summer. On my way to China I stopped by the duty free stores and I bought a Clinique kit. At first I wasn’t sure about the results,(as we all know there are no magic solutions for oily skin) but as the days where passing by I saw a great improvement on my skin.

Of course I’m not talking about miraculous change, but the difference after the third week became quite obvious not just to myself but also to others.
After my return I bought the entire anti-blemish solution series and I’ve been using it ever since! Mostly I enjoy the cleansing foam soap,which I use twice a day.

The basic form of the anti-blemish solution series has three main products – the foam soap, a lotion and a anti blemish cream. But you can add more products from Clinique, depending on your needs. I have added the 7 day scrub cream to my beauty routine, but be careful cause if you have a combination skin and not just oily it might dry your skin a little bit. What I do is use it once a week, or just when my skin is too oily.

The only thing that disappointed me a bit from the anti-blemish solution line was the liquid makeup.i think that the texture was not quite what I would have wanted it to be and I would prefer if it could deliver more covering result and a better texture- I’m not a fun of the “musk effect”.

All and all, for me it was a great line and I would definitely recommend it to you!
It’s been one of my favorite crash tests and I hope I can find some more amazing products for you!!


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