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Codina : When history meets passion…

It’s always nice to find passionate and talented people out there. People who love what they do and put a small part of their heart in each piece.
One of these cases is Codina jewelry in Barcelona. In their workshop Codina combines old traditional handmade jewelry techniques, with modern technologies and styles.techniques that were past on from father to son!
What got me really interested in this jewelry workshop is their idea of creating artifacts specifically for each of their customers. So although they have certain contemporary collections that you can browse from they mainly specialize in making your dream jewelry become true,so You can practically design the item of your desire!

Another thing that impressed me was their materials: only the finest precious stones and diamonds are used! And I know what you think,these jewelry are a bit pricey. Yes,but as I’ve told you many times you need to invest in quality before quantity! So instead of getting several jewelry that won’t last in time I advise you to invest in a timeless piece,made just for you!!

I would definitely chose Codina  for designing my special ring (hint hint for someone out there!! ) and I would love a ring that would tell my love story and only mine!

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