Couple’s moving rules

Did you know that 20% of couples breakup once they attempt to live together?
Studies show that this is the first and most difficult part in the relationship: Living with your boyfriend can be tricky because you finally have to move from “me” to “us”.
So how can we make that transition easier? Well, there are some simple rules and tips when you decorate your house together. Tips that can help you avoid the huge and endless fights and of course avoid being that 20%!
First of all you need to have a clear budget for furniture and decoration. Boys hate it when we spend too much money, so a specific budget that covers basic house needs but not extremely luxurious items might solve some of the arguments.
Guys hate too bright colors and too many items in one space. So the solutions is simple: compromise! Have earthy colors on your walls, something that would fit both of your styles. Dusty green, beige, blue or light grey would be perfect for a couple’s house! These colors are both unisex and also fashionable. Boys prefer industrial colors for their walls and not too vivid shades. By all means do not even suggest wallpapers to guys unless its something simple,plain and without any weird patterns!
The furniture you choose reflect your personal style. You are a modern and trendy girl. But what about your boyfriend?
Well, again you might need to keep it down a bit, but you don’t have to contain your personal taste. Again what you need is a reasonable compromise with your boyfriend: Simple furniture patterns or plain colors and every now and then add a spicy detail: some colored couch pillows, a big painting on the wall or a nice carpet! Also when choosing a couch keep in mind that men like leather couches and are not huge fans of fabric. So even if you chose a fabric couch try to add some leather details, like a  small foot stool.
Remember: Guys hate it when there’s not enough space to run around in the house. So not too much of everything all over the place! Make sure there is enough space to move around but still have all the necessary furniture in the room.
In the bedroom have nice bed covers but not too girly! Keep in mind that its not just your space anymore!
Now one of the most important rules here: Make sure you don’t occupy the entire bathroom space! No makeup products, blow dryers and female products all over the place! Have separate shelves and keep everything tidy an nit!
When it comes to small decorational items men prefer metallic and wooden items, so try to add metallic vases, a mirror with metallic details or a wooden photo frame.