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Cruelty free skin and body care that will change your life (and yes, I use them all!)

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give you an update on my skincare routine. 

As you already know I have gone cruelty free in my beauty and skincare routine. That includes pretty much everything: from my toothpaste and my hand soap to my shower jell  and body scrub, my makeup bag and all my face creams and serums. 

This hasn’t been an easy transition for my skin as I did it literally in one night!! Just like that I threw everything away and started from scratch. 

And although emotionally and ethically it made me really proud of myself my skin had different thoughts on the matter.. 

I do have a mixed skin type: acne prone in some parts (the T zone and near my chin) and dry in others. It took me quite some time to find the products I used to use and to maintain a healthy skin. But when I threw everything away and changed my routine my skin rebelled.

It made sense as it was such a violent change from what it was used to. So for about 5 months I was struggling to find the products that would work, the combination of these products and of course to start seeing actual results. 

With cruelty free you don’t always have the same options and most products that really work are not very budget friendly (especially when you have to buy EVERYTHING all over again). 

But I’m at a point that I can say I’m finally happy with my routine and starting to see my skin changing for the better!   

Morning routine: 

So starting the day always with a mild cleanser and some warm water. I have combination skin so I’m particularly oily in the T zone in the morning (especially when PMSing). I love using this Masticha shop face cleanser first of all for THAT smell and then just cause it’s full with minerals that helped my skin so much over the past 3 months. 

Then off with my favorite (budget friendly and cruelty free) line “The Ordinary”. This brand has become quite popular the past years and I can tell why. Minimal, cruelty free with products designed to target specific needs. 

In the mornings I love using first just a little bit of their toning solution if I have breakouts or when feeling my skin super oily, and then the incredible “buffet” which is a multi-technology peptide serum. It is literally a peptide cocktail that your face will enjoy more than you enjoy a strawberry mochito on a summer night!! It is designed to target multiple signs of aging all at once. This has to be my favorite product from my entire skincare routine and I love how it makes my skin feel.

Then I’m just adding a little bit of coffee solution in eyes mixed with  the Reservatrol 3% + plant derived hemi sqalane instead of an eye cream (that’s an amazing trick I’ve learnt from … ) and then my most beloved face and body sunscreen from Korres. Then continue with my makeup routine (which is quite extensive and I will share in another post!).

Since I’m usually in a hurry I try to keep my morning skincare routine a bit simple and focus more on my nighttime routine when I feel it’s more needed in order to remove the makeup and boost my skin during sleep. 

Night routine: 

First and foremost removing makeup. For me this is so so important because I feel this can be the root to all the skin issues that might occur. So for my night time routine I follow the Korean skincare routine approach. For those unfamiliar with it it includes 11 steps. Yeah, you heard right. 11 steps. 9 of which every single night (and yes, I work shifts so that makes it even trickier!!).

I begin with an oil based makeup remover and then follow with a water based michellar remover. Double cleansing is a very simple trick to make sure your skin is actually clean with no trace of makeup or dirt. If you think that your face is clean with just a simple makeup remover tissue then I dare you to use a cotton pad with a michellar water after that and then see the color! 

Then I follow with my Masticha cleanser (yes, triple cleansing at night!). 

Once again my toner is there to the rescue! After that the skin is obviously very dry and in need of hydration. Face masks are essential for my routine and I’m usually multimasking, especially if I don’t need to wake up super early in the morning. I love sheet masks and I used to invest in some really expensive ones when I wasn’t so concerned about the igredients. Now I’m much more aware of the igredients in the products I use and more sensitive on the brands I’m using.

When I finish with the masks Im applying either the Buffet serum or my Hyaluronic gold serum, depending on the needs of my skin, and then the Bioten Hyaluronic gold night cream.

Once a week, before the masks, I’m applying my AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution from the Ordinary. Now this is some powerfull stuff! The brand states that this product is considered suitable only for “experienced users of acid exfoliation” so if your skin is too sensitive or If you haven’t tried anything like that before then I suggest you find a more mild option. For me this product is absolutely perfect! After that step I’m back to my usuall routine, following with the masks and serums.


This is actually the easiest step! I use a nice body scrub from Dust + Cream in the shower and then a nice body lotion with my favorite perfume! The good thing about this brand is that you can customize your body lotion: your favorite scent and basic texture or glitter!

Hair care:

Now that is a favorite topic lately for me!! I will post later this month a full review but from my first impressions the past two weeks I have to say I’m in love with Function of Beauty haircare! If you don’t know what that is then check their website for more info! This is a custom haircare line according to your needs and preferances and I couldn’t be happier so far..