Drink up!!


Do you feel your skin getting dryer? Your eyes burning a bit? Maybe you experience headaches lately? There is a great explanation for all these symptoms and many more: lack of hydration.
During Spring and especially during Summer your body needs more water because of the increased temperature and the sun rays. Water is essential for your body’s maintenance and crucial for your health. More that 70% of your body is based on water and fluids,so you can imagine what happens if you don’t hydrate it properly.
In Winter,I drink about 6 glasses of water per day, but now I’m feeling that’s not enough so I’m adding two more grasses,sometimes even four if I feel dehydrated! Why do that? Well, water benefits you in so many ways. Here is a quick list of benefits that you should definitely take under consideration before you skip a glass of water.

1.It increases your energy

Water boosts your energy levels and keeps you more alert and focus. It helps prevent fatigue and brightens your mood daily. It is like a natural drug,without any side effects!

2.Improves skin complexion
your skin needs constant hydration. It’s no secret that most brands create water based day creams and sunblocks. They do that based on the fact that your skin needs exactly that: water!! So if you suffer from oily skin, wrinkles, discoloration, black spots or dryness then water is the answer to your prayers!

3.Decreases headaches and cramps
water is a natural remedy and it helps prevent and relief common pains like headache, backache,cramps and of course constipation. Your body functions way better when appropriately hydrated!

4.Promotes weight loss
water has no calories but it’s your first option when you want to change your metabolism,loose weight and decrease cellulite. Simply add 5 more glasses of water in your daily routine and within few weeks you’ll see your figure changing for the better!!
For all these reasons and so many more I’m a huge fan of water! Give it a try the next few weeks and let me know if you can see the amazing benefits of this nature’s precious gift!