Essence pure skin: anti-shine mattifying gel cream review 

I’m always neglecting my skin. It’s sad but it’s true! So every now and then I have to do something drastic to tone it up a bit. Obviously I’m not recommending you to do the same! It’s always better preventing than running to save your skin! But if you are like me you will love this product! 
This light gel has a great texture and the skin is awesome after the use! As I’ve said many times I don’t believe in “miracle makers”. So I won’t tell you that if you use it the next day you’ll have the perfect skin. But I have to admit I found it very helpful! After only a few days I found my skin less oily and without that awful feeling of “dirt”. Yes, from time to time I still have breaks but that’s mainly cause I’m not committed with my treatment. If you you are better than I am at this I’m pretty sure you’ll have even better results!