Style Crush

Fashion icon of the week: You!!

Fashion icon is a person who creates trends with her looks. Someone who is always stylish,someone beautiful,with flawless skin,ridiculously expensive outfits.. Someone who every girl looks up and admires. The one person you look at on TV or in the pages of a magazine and you go like ” I wish I looked like her”…. Well,a fashion icon doesn’t have to be in the cover of a magazine. It can jut be on the other side of your mirror! How? Simple! Love yourself. Love who you are,what you can be and create your own path.

I began the “fashion icon” column not because I urge you to copy their styles. These are just ideas for you to get inspired by, for me to get inspired by! Each and everyone of you is unique and beautiful in your own way. And that is cool! You don’t have to be skinny,or super tall,or blonde with blue eyes to be considered beautiful! I’ve seen the most amazing and unique styles from women that you wouldn’t guess how amazing sense of fashion they have!!

So girls,I have an assignment for ya! Send me your pics with your most stylish looks (the ones that really reflect your personal style) and the best looks will be hosted in a future “fashion icon” post!

Send me your pics on Facebook, Twitter or here on the blog!! Use the hashtag #kaysecrets to be included!!

I’m sure I’ll be impressed by your gorgeous looks!