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Favorite jewelry brands and trends to follow this year

Hello darlings! Excited about the holidays? I know, I know, this isn’t how you’ve imagined it. But still, let’s not let this ruin Xmas!

If there’s one thing I like more than bags that’s jewelry. When I was younger I used to buy faux bijoux that were inexpensive and obviously poor quality, just because I like a certain style at that moment. The problem was obviously that these pieces couldn’t last more than a season and in some cases my piercings got infected..

So I’ve decided as I was growing up, to invest a little bit more. Even if I’m shopping for a trend that might not be here for years I now tend to spend just a bit more!

I love piercing and If I could (I can’t cause of work) I would wear several earrings on daily basis. There are two brands I love when I get a new piercing:

Maria Tash

This is more on the luxury side but If you’re looking for the latest trends in piercing and you want to have unique items that will be with you forever then save up for the good stuff!

Astrid and Miu

Another classic for the piercing lovers, more budget friendly but quite good quality. If you like stacking earrings there are some great peices there for your collection.Their huggies are my favorite!


Layering necklaces is a trend that has been around for quite some time. In the summer we had more boho and colorful jewelry but for winter I think something more classic like chains and chokers will be more suitable. If you like following trends then go for chunky chains over your knitwear!

Monica Vinader

Although known for her friendship bracelets (which I adore) this year one of my favorite pieces from her collection is the pearl bracelet. Pearls have always been a classic piece but this year there are several brands that haqve them paired with gold for a more modern and updated look. I also have a discount code just for you! 15% off your first order!


While on the subject of pearls, there’s another brand quite known for their pearl jewelry. Biko has drawn my attention few years back exacly because of their pearl jewelry, and specifically their earrings. Pearl earrings look amazing with turtlenecks or very chunky knits too!


This brand is my absolute dream.. I haven’t found a way to get my hands on a Mejuri piece cause they don’t ship to Greece but hopefully next year when I’m traveling to the States I will be able to visit their store. No 1 on my wishlist is their diamont necklace, which is such a classic and elegant piece. Pieces like that one will always be on trend and can never go out of style!