Feng Shui obsession

I have become obsessed lately with the feng Shui principles. I have been visiting china for more than 7 years now and I spent much time exploring their culture. Over the years I’ve used one or two feng shui tips and although obviously it doesn’t change your life dramatically I found that it can create a better atmosphere at your house or office. So while renovating my bedroom a decided to take it a bit more seriously and rearrange the room according to feng shui principles. I have to admit that although I haven’t won the lottery or had the biggest break at work it did improve how I feel inside my room. I have experienced some unusual luck too but nothing too extreme(too bad!!)!
The basic idea you have to keep in mind when decorating according to feng shui is the NS orientation. Your house is decided in to four areas North-South-East-West(Each of these areas can be decided into smaller ones-but this is more advanced so if its your first attempt don’t mind it so much). Now,depending on which aspect of your life you want to enhance you have to put the right element (water/wood/metal) on the right area. To make my life easier i use the compass on my iPhone to locate the exact spot! You don’t need though to redecorate your entire house! You can simply add the right element in the right position or just redecorate only the places where you lose all your positive energy.

Bathroom is considered (and not unfairly) as polluted and the worst area in a house when it comes to energy. There are though, some interesting things you can do to create a positive energy there. First of all you have to make sure that your toilet’s cover is always down. The same rule applies for all the chiffons. There are quite cheap and colorful chiffon covers in IKEA but obviously you can find these in all big supermarkets too! Another great trick is adding some bamboo roots in your bathroom. Put them in a vase and make sure you change the water frequently and keep them fresh. When it comes to your towel choose blue or green cause these colors help a lot with the bathroom’s energy!

There’s no such a thing as neglected areas. If you don’t clean up a place or if you leave it messy then it creates bad energy. So make sure you clean regularly all house areas (even your basement or your garage),make sure your closet is tidy and don’t keep any clothes you don’t wear.
Few useful advice on deco:

• Avoid having your bed with its feet by the window or the door.

•Also,do the same applies with mirrors,it sends all the room’s energy outside if its across the door or the balcony door.

•Avoid any appliances like tv or laptops in your bedroom. If you need to keep your computer there make sure it’s always off when you go to bed.

•Have some coins (ideally in a red thread) on your North.

•Prefer simple lines without having too many stuff in one place.

•Use metal combined with red (a great option is a metallic candle base with a red candle,that’s my trick!) or wood combined with stone or water.

•Avoid heavy-styled furniture. Choose metallic items but don’t overdo it. Make sure you have more than one elements in one area.

Now, there are ways to change different aspects of your life with the use of feng shui,like love,luck,health and wealth. You can find endless tips on line,but here I’m gonna show you the simplest ones,the ones you can easily apply in your daily life!

if you wish for wealth you need to have in your home or office symbols of abundance and have the same attitude. Don’t spend a lot of money,but always donate some (do it with your heart,don’t fake it). Always keep your wallet clean and well organized. Preferably your wallet should be green! Always have money in your wallet even if you use credit cards! This attracts more money for you!

•Create a “wealth ship”. Have a bowl or a boat miniature and put coins,gems or ingots. In any case this cannot point towards your door,cause then the money would flow outside the house.

• Have a symbol of prosperity and wealth under your. Chinese use the three legged toad(frog). You can get one from any Chinese shop or online. Chose a small one that you can keep under your sofa!

For those wishing to improve their love life there are simple ways to do so too.

•On of the feng shui traditions on love matters is the red ink: get a red inked pen and write down in details all the things your future mate should have!

• Red is not by accident the color of passion. Feng shui states that if you wish for a passionate relationship you need to add as many red items as possible in your bedroom. Use candles,pillows or a nice red curtain to spice things up and attract passion in your bedroom!

I know I got you tired with all these info that’s why I’m adding a very useful feng shui map for you! You can simply chose the aspect of your life you want to improve and then see which colors you need to add to the right direction for improving it!

Give it a go and let me know!!


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