Function of Beauty review + 25%OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER !!

Hey darlings!! How are you all been doing?? Hope you’re all safe out there and taking all the necessary measures!! 

As promised today I have my Function of Beauty review!! It’s been a little more than a month since my first order and I’m finally ready to share my thoughts with you. 

Now, to be completely honest I was already liking them through all these amazing YouTube videos. So yes, I placed my order already excited about it, which as you all know can easily backfire if things are not as they seem to be!! 

I placed my order in the middle of quarantine so I wasn’t expecting it to arrive any time soon. But fortunately it only took ten days to arrive (which was a whole week before the estimated time of delivery). 

In order to place your order you have to take the hair quiz. This is how you specify the type of your hair and your needs. Then you get to chose the color of the products and the scent. My hair is wavy and frizzy so of course I want them more “tamed” and straight. I also chose nourishing and heat protection as I use the blow dryer and my hair straightener too often! 

I went with orange color for the shampoo and mint green for the conditioner and a creamy white for the hair mask. Scent wise I chose pear as I thought it would be great for summer! For all the products I went for the silicone free version. 

From the moment I opened the box that pear scent filled the entire room! Ohhh 

The box comes with instructions according to your products, tubes for the bottles and stickers to customize your products! 

It only took one use to fall in love. Yes, I’m honest. Of course you can’t write a review with only use one so I “had” to keep testing it !! I used the shampoo and the conditioner twice a week and the hair mask every third wash. 

Gradually my frizzy hair turn smoother and easier to style, shinier and more straight. Yes,of course it didn’t turn my hair into the perfect hair salon blow dried hair. But it helped A LOT! More than any other shampoo has. So for me, this is a win and I’m definitely repurchasing them!!! 

The only downside is the pricing of the products but for you guys I have a great deal: Simply use the link below when you place your order and you’ll have 25% off !!! 


Enjoy your new gorgeous hair!!!!