Hair therapy

We’ve all experienced a bad hair day(I have more than my share I’m afraid..) but there’s no reason to stress about it. There are simple ways to treat your hair better, make it healthier and stronger and of course eventually create a hairstyle that would make you proud- and the other girls jealous!

My most important advice is never to blowdry your hair when completely wet. You need to wait at least until your hair is half dry naturally before. This way you prevent your hair from being damaged by the heat. If for some reason you need to go out in short period of time don’t wash your hair even if it’s been days. Use Dove’s dry shampoo spray(or any other company’s dry shampoo products) and have a ponytail instead or a messy bun.


Wash your hair at night or when you have few hours time! This way you will be able to leave your hair rest while wet before you dry them!

When blowdrying your hair always use a product that prevents damage from heat. It can be in liquid or spray form, depends on what you prefer, but do not skip this step especially if you use a hair strainer or a curl iron! I personally love Toni and Guy heat protection mist, but again you can use any brand you like!!


Once you’re done doing your hair there are two important steps you have to follow:

*first you need to add some serum. Serums are not just to make your hair look silkier. There are actually very important and help prevent split ends! So put a small amount of serum on the palm of your hand and then brush your hair with your fingers. I use Pantene’s serum for split ends and I’m quite happy with it!


* my last trick is blowdrying with cold air when I’m finished. Heat divides the hair in two pieces. So after applying the serum you can use your blowdryer to “cool your hair down”!Cold air closes split ends that are created with heat so you don’t have to face that problem every now and again. Believe me it works like a charm!

(All products that are mentioned above are personal choices and suggestions.this is not an advertisement)