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H&M launches new perfume collection!

Who knew that after 28h insomnia I would find something to cheer me up??

Yesterday afternoon (after a long shift and no sleep since the day before) me and my sis decided to go down town for a wedding gift we needed to buy. After that I relay wanted to crawl down to my bed and stay there but we went pass H&M and then it hit me: It was the day of the official launch of their new perfume line!  We run immediately inside and boy what I saw made me sooo sooo happy! This is an addict’s playground!

I know that most people have one signature perfume but I love changing mine very often, especially when the season changes. So this was just heaven to me.. The entire line is so well made and designed that you can immediately tell they have collaborated with the best (and then you find out Olivier Pescheux from Givaudan is one of the people behind it and everything makes sense!).Featuring a wide range of different scents, the collection has been divided into three distinct groups; The Singles, The Reveries and The Essences in full size, travel size and mists.Each line has a very clear view and it is safe to say that there is one perfume for everyone ( I found 3 that are now officially part of my autumn perfume collection and can’t wait to enjoy them!).