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Holidays gift guide: My Christmas wishlist

The final shopping post for these holidays is my very personal and loved wishlist. These items are favorites of mine, have them in my shopping lists for some time and hopefully I will be able to get at least one these holidays. To help you understand a bit more how my head works I’ll have them in smaller lists and I’ll explain a bit why I want each category, and why I think these would also be great gift ideas for you too!

Sezane Knits

First thing on my list is a Sezane knit. The brand is so well known for their elegant Parisian style and this is the reason I would love one of their knits.

Card Holder

ok, this is kinda self-explanatory: Big wallets aren’t very practical and now with Covid 19 most people avoid cash anyway so a nice card holder that would last me for years is for sure a must.

Good Quality Scarf

Yes, I know. We all have few scarves for everyday wear but this time I would love to invest in a good quality scarf that again will be classic in style and would last me a lifetime.

Toteme knit

I know this is the second knit on my wish list but here me out! Toteme has been huge this year and you all know to which knit sweater I’m referring to! There are only few sizes available in both colors so if you’re interested don’t walk, run! alternatively I’ll include one more that I love from the brand (and honestly hope that my boyfriend will see this post cause this sweater is soo out of my budget!)

Mejuri jewelry

If you know me you know how much I love dainty and minimal jewelry. And when it comes to real gold and diamonds there’s only one brand I trust, and that is Mejuri.

Ganni Shoes

Again, very predictably I want a pair of Ganni shoes and more precisely a pair of Chelsea boots. Yes, they are a bit chuncky for my everyday workwear but I think they would look amazing for winter vacation, for relaxed weekend outfits and for casualwear.