House Hunting (The struggle is Real!)

Hey loves! 

How are you? How is life treating you these days?? 

It’s been a while since my last post and I have to apologize for that but we have been looking for an apartment for the last 5 months and still nothing! 

For those who don’t know already I live in Greece, in Athens. Normally Greece would have been crazy over the summer but due to COVID restrictions tourists have been very cautious over traveling and it was the first time there were so few in Greece as long as I can remember! We didn’t go to the islands obviously and we only spent few days in the country house. 

The biggest struggle though for us has been to find an apartment. For more than 5 months we have been visiting apartments but none of the them has proven to be “the one”. 

We’ve been looking for apartments in the northeast of Athens cause we don’t want to live in the city center with all the traffic and no space so obviously the areas are way nicer (big parks etc) but renting is sooo expensive compared to other areas. 

One of the biggest issues has been the parking. We do need at least one parking spot in the building (ideally an underground parking) but it has been impossible to find something that includes this in the price! So technically there are so many more amenities that you have to pay additional fees if you want to have! I swear, I could find a house in the suburbs  of London with the same budget! 

At first it seemed to us that we only had very basic “demands” for our apartment: new (up to 10 years old) building or recently renovated apartment with 2 bedrooms,balcony and parking! Seems pretty simple,right?! Turns out it was like asking for a villa with two swimming pools! Real estate agents were looking at us as if we were crazy saying that they couldn’t get anything for less that 750€ (which is insane as they ask for two rents in advance and one rent as a real estate agent’s fee just to get in the house!). We had to lower our expectations,compromise a lot and still not able to find something we like! 

My stress and frustration has skyrocketed the past few weeks as there is a real possibility for some sort of new lockdown in Athens which will only delay us even more in the whole process once again!! 

Fingers crossed we can find something decent before the holidays and ideally with no lockdown danger in Athens! 

Let me know in the comments if you have any tips for house hunting!!