How to do layers like a pro

It’s Autumn time! And what better way to celebrate this time but with amazing street style looks! It’s the perfect time to do Layers!

Although many of you ladies panic with the idea of doing layers, I have to tell you it’s the simplest thing ever!

The first thing you need to keep in mind is your comfort. When you layer your clothes you actually want to be prepared for the weather outside. Early in the morning and later in the evening it gets chilly but usually during noon the temperature rises a bit. So what you need to do is create a light base,like a skinny jeans and a light shirt, and accessorize appropriately: a cardigan or sweater,a bikers jacket and a long scarf. In this case once you feel hot it’ll be very easy to ” unload”!

The second thing you need to know is the color palette. It takes a lot of practice to mix and match colors and textures when layering so if you’re new at this try to keep it simple: play with colors you are comfortable with and add a small twist to spice things up!
Whatever you do don’t use only one color! Layering 5 black pieces in boring! Use black and white and add red details!

Layering isn’t just for pants! You can create layered looks with dresses and skirts and it’s actually much easier! Wear a sweater over your little black dress and create a more playful look!

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Images taken from Pinterest