How to match prints

This has to be one of the toughest fashion tasks. I’m talking big time tough here! Mixing and matching different prints and textures requires several skills but most importantly instinct and good taste!

This is really tricky girls,as even professionals have messed this up!
So here’s a one-o-one lesson on matching prints!
The most basic rule is to keep the same color pallet when matching different prints. It doesn’t have to be the exact same color obviously,but keep it similar in order to create the illusion of cohesion.


Once you master the colors you can move on to the patterns. You can mix patterns as long as you keep in mind their color(as said before) and size. Remember you don’t won’t to create confusion over your look!!You may chose a bigger size for your patterns for the pants or skirt but a smaller sized patter for your top. You want to create length! Now the safest option for beginners is a polca dot skirt with a black/white striped shirt.


When wearing different patterns make sure you don’t over accessorize! For example in the previously described look a set of golden bracelets would be enough. If you were to add necklace and big earrings it wouldn’t look classy anymore! So keep it simple with the accessories to quiet down the look.Remember,just one jewelry at a time!

You have to be extra careful when mixing textures too. Some fabrics look more winter appropriate (like Kashmir) so careful when matching them for a summer look!


If still is difficult for you to mix and match different patterns then don’t. It’s better not to follow a trend at all if it doesn’t suit you than doing it wrong. If that’s the case then a pattern pair of trousers with a plain shirt,or a skirt with stripes and a colored cardigan would put you on the spot for all the right reasons!

(All images taken from Pinterest)