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How to style loungewear

Hey loves! How are you doing? 

So far 2021 doesn’t look very promising when it comes to going out any time soon. So of course the loungewear trend is still going strong and I can’t complain about it! 

I’ve always been a loungewear girl, even when it wasn’t trending. It’s easy,comfy and the next best thing to wear after pyjamas! 

The downside though is that it can be boring after a while. So let’s see if we can find few ways to spice things up! 


One of my favorite things is wearing men’s sweaters as dresses! This is actually something I have been doing since elementary school!! My mum thought it would be cool to wear oversized knit sweaters with tights (usually colored or with small designs on) and they were really cute! This is still a favorite of mine with knits and sweaters. I often find myself browsing the men’s section of American Eagle Outfitters and actually own few pieces. At home I wear them with cycling shorts but you can make it work as a stand out piece too just by adding tights and some booties! 

Loafers casual 

I saw Hailey Bieber wearing this amazing brown knitted set with the Gucci loafers and I absolutely loved it! It is such a simple trick to change the shoes you’d normally wear with loungewear for a more sophisticated piece but it works!! Adding chunky jewelry like earrings gives also the feeling of a more curated look. 


I love blazers! I love them so much that I could live in them! So of course made sense to wear them with my loungewear sets. Try wearing a contrasting color like grey joggers with black blazer or white joggers with brown blazer. The idea is to upgrade the casual look of loungewear with a more tailored item. You can either wear a hoodie or if the weather permits it a crop top. If you’re more daring go for a faux leather blazer which is huge trend right now! Personally not my favorite thing but I have to say it does have a certain appeal!

Go for a skirt 

For me my favorite loungewear twist is having a knitwear set with a skirt instead of trousers. It is still super comfortable to wear but it gives you an immediate “put together” look. I got this amazing set from HM which is super affordable! I went for an XS cardigan (I already own an oversized grey mark cardigan so I can wear with the skirt too but wanted a more fitted option too) and my usual size (S) for the skirt. The set comes in grey and beige, neutrals are great investment as you already know, and still available in several sizes if you want to check it out. 

I’m wearing it with my Veja sneakers but when lockdown is over I think I’m gonna be adding a bralette under the cardigan to make it a bit more girly and fancy and wear it with a pair of kitten heels or some sock boots!

Play with textures 

When thinking loungewear don’t just think of matching sets. My most favorite loungewear outfit is a combination of three different textures: a crop top/bralette a cotton joggers and a knitted cardigan. It is quite simple actually: treat loungewear as any other outfit idea. Style your joggers as you would style your jeans! You don’t match them with your T-shirt so same rules apply here too! 

(Images taken from Pinterest and personal collection)